Treatment for the real cause of insomnia


Insomnia is one of the common sleep disorders found in the United States.  In fact, insomnia is not a disease at all. It is only a symptom of some other underlying problems. Nobody knows that insomnia is not a disease at all. So prescribing medicines for insomnia or admitting in an in insomnia clinic will not be effective as the root cause is not addressed here.  The effective treatment option will be to find out the real cause of insomnia being experienced and undergo treatment for this condition.

Medication and behavior therapy

An insomnia doctor attached to an insomnia clinic knows that there are two types of cure for insomnia. They are medications and behavior therapy.  Medications are aimed at short term relief.  By taking medication you can be assured about peaceful and sound sleep.  But this medication has to be followed up by behavior therapy for permanent solution of your problem related to sleep.

The important thing in this regard is to consult a professional insomnia doctor. It will be his duty to find out the real cause for sleeplessness like stress, depression, anxiety etc. In addition to the above reasons there can be other causes also which has to be identified and medications or therapies have to be taken.

Another thing which needs the immediate attention of the patient is the eating habits and sleeping habits. Sleeping habits like the place where you are sleeping and the time at which you lie down for sleeping, the brightness of the sleeping place etc has to be discussed with the physician. It is better to make changes in these matters as suggested by him.  Try to see that you do not eat too much in the night and eat half an hour before your scheduled time of sleep. Another important thing is to have no worries about your inability to attain sound sleep and relax to the maximum possible extent. You can also try some relaxation techniques like yoga or medication. Another simple technique to relax is to lie down in your bed calmly and inhale deeply. While exhaling, imagine that all the worries are also sent out through the breath. Repeat this many times without counting and without watching whether you are falling asleep or not. If anybody do so without any special attention or care, it has been found that they fall asleep easily.

Explore internet and try to understand insomnia

There are so many sites which explains the concept of  insomnia doctor and where free literature is available. Visit any such sites, and try to understand how others have managed their insomnia. This will  give you courage and confidence to tide over your situation

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