Vaping guide for beginners


Are you a beginner who has decided to start vaping? In case you are reading this article, chances are that you are either new to the world of 510 threaded battery vapes or are just curious about them. Nevertheless, this article is going to be quite beneficial for you. So, read it until the very end.

Vaping is considered to be one of the biggest factors for quitting smoking. There are many different aspects of vaping that you should know about as a beginner. Firstly, let us take a look at what vaping is and then move on to different tips that you would want to hear.

Beginners and vaping

Vaping is a term that is given to the use of electronic cigarettes or vaporizers. Typically, people who smoke traditional cigarettes are given the name ‘smoker’. However, the same term does not apply to vape users.

This is because in the traditional sense, vape users are not inhaling the cigarette smoke. This means that they are safe from many of the illnesses that are caused by the harmful chemicals present in cigarette smoke.

E-cigarettes or vapes hit the markets in the year 2003. However, it took another few years for them to become commercialized. As a result of this, there have not been enough studies that can determine the long-term effects of vaping.

However, most experts argue that vaping is supposed to be less harmful as compared to cigarettes. Not that we used the term less harmful and not healthy. This is because vaping is not exactly healthy. At least unlike cigarettes, it will not destroy your health with significant hair damage.

However, it is a big step up for you if you are moving to it from regular cigarettes because they contain additional chemicals that can harm you and kill you.

Types of vapes

There are many different types of vapes available and the one that you choose simply depends on your preferences. For instance, you can get vapes in a range of different sizes. They can be as small as a regular cigarette or as big as a box mod.

On the simplest level, vapes contain a coil that heats up and a lithium battery that is used to heat this coil. With that, the e-liquid comes into the coil with the help of a wick. And when it is heated, the e-liquid turns into vapor that the person inhales in a similar way as to smoking.

When it comes to the batteries, the main purpose is to supply power. While some vapes use internal batteries that are not replaceable, other vapes contain replaceable batteries. This will simply depend on the vape model that you have decided to buy.

Furthermore, when it comes to the e-juices, you have a wide variety of flavors available. These flavors also come in different concentrations of nicotine. So, if you are a smoker who is hooked to nicotine, you can get nicotine filled vape juices also.

However, it is recommended to eventually move on to lower concentrations of nicotine in the e-juice especially if you are trying to quit smoking. Otherwise, nicotine itself is a harmful substance as it can lead to high blood pressure which in-turn causes issues like heart diseases and heart attacks.


Vapes are very interesting devices and they are also extremely popular among people nowadays. In case you want to start vaping, then you will have to make a small initial investment in a vape device. This investment can go a long way because vapes are supposed to last quite long.

Furthermore, vapes that contain 510 thread batteries in specific last quite long so make sure that is what you are buying.

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