What Is The Fastest Way To Cool A Room With AC


During the summer season, your AC is the only thing keeping you cool. As the temperature outside rises, the interior gets hot as well. This can make living conditions worse. And plus, you would want your AC to cool your room as quickly as possible given that an air conditioner repair service carried out scheduled maintenance. Follow these tips.

Reverse Your Ceiling Fan

Although many homeowners tend to ignore this tip, it does wonders for some. Normally, the fan in your room runs in a clockwise motion throughout the year. During the winters, it is understandable but not in summers. In summers, your fan should be running in a counter-clockwise rotation. Reversing the motion of the fan is pretty easy and simple. Consult the product’s guide and flip the switch on its side. With this trick, you may see improved AC efficiency.

Cover The Windows During The Day

During the summer season, you need to block the heat and direct sunlight. With that being said, a room with small or no windows is going to be ideal. However, if you have multiple windows, you should cover them during the day. The reason is that windows not only tend to pass on the heat and sunlight but absorb them as well. Therefore, while the sun is settling down, the windows will put off heat.

Keep The Air Moving

Now this is a tried and tested technique. Opening the windows while the temperature settles down is one thing. However, if you have more than one window in your room, you should open them to allow air passage. If you wish to take things a bit further, you can install a fan in each window. While one fan blows the air inside from outside, while the other blows the air outside.

Skip Using Hot Appliances

Hot appliances sometimes give off a tremendous amount of heat. During the summer season, it is like adding fuel to the fire. With that being said, if you use hot appliances on a daily basis, you should reduce their usage during the summer season.

However, if that isn’t possible, you should place them away from your room so that the heat does not make it inside. Additionally, ensure that the heat is offered a passage to escape instead of being trapped inside the house.

Closed Unused Rooms

Believe it or not, unused rooms tend to impede your efforts related to cooling. If you have hot appliances in one room, while the other room is open, the heat will travel and eventually make its way inside your room as well. Therefore, by closing the door of unused bathrooms and other rooms, tends to keep the heat away. While you are at it, ensure that you cover the windows as well that will bring in more heat and sunlight.

Turn Off Incandescent Lights

Incandescent lights are known for producing a tremendous amount of heat. In fact, in some states of America, the authorities have banned the usage of such lights and replaced them with LED or CFL lights. However, that does not mean that all types of incandescent lights have been banned. Lights installed in your home ceiling or ceiling light fixtures tend to produce a huge amount of heat.

Fix The Leaks And Cracks

If you have an HVAC unit installed in your house that utilizes ductwork to distribute cool air, you need to inspect the vents and ductwork for any leaks or cracks. Due to ductwork leaks, your AC wouldn’t be able to cool the room. As a result, not only will your room become unbearable but the energy costs will rise as well. At the same time, inspect the windows for any leakages. Overtime, the seals become hard or worn, which helps cool air to escape.

Shade The Condenser

The summer season can get brutal, not only for you but the air conditioning unit as well. And since the outside condenser unit is mostly exposed directly to sunlight, it is important that you shade it. However, you should ensure that you only provide shade and not restrict its airflow. Restricting its airflow will put the unit under extreme stress. As a result, our monthly bills will inflate.

Final Word

In the end, the summer season calls for doing everything you can to keep the temperatures as low as possible while cooling your room the fastest way. Try implementing the tips mentioned above to survive the season everyone dreads. Take help from HVAC repair services Vienna to have your air conditioner working at its 100%.

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