14 Small Kitchen Ideas You Should Implement

You might have always dreamt of a huge, spacious kitchen with huge windows, a breakfast table, a coffee bar, big granite countertops and a space to stroll around and cook delicious meals like a chef. Well sometimes you have to make do with what you get. But do not despair as below I have presented ideas that will make your small kitchen feel luxurious and captivating.

Go For Shine

A shiny paint on the cabinets and countertops (if laminate) will enhance your small kitchen and make it look spacious. Shiny a d glistening paints on the cabinets have a reflective nature and look classy.

Blue Is The Color Of The Day

Blue is an attractive color and if used in the kitchen reflects on the mood and increases appetite. Blue tends to accentuate your kitchen in such a way that it instantly appeals to the onlooker. Go for a bold blue color for a dramatic kitchen or a light blue color for a happy go lucky feel.

Install A White Kitchen Countertop

Anything white makes the place appear larger. White is a reflective color and science says it is made of many colors. White is also a sign of purity. A white kitchen countertop in the kitchen looks neat and artistic and instantly attracts to others. The best part about a white countertop is that it will make your kitchen area look big and can contrast and match all sorts of colors implemented in the kitchen. It will make your kitchen look modern and never goes out of style.

Keep It Essential

If you have a small kitchen and you cram it up with crockery and machinery then it makes the space look congested and small. Instead keep only the essentials that you need every day and don’t put everything on your countertops and it will look all jammed up.

Install Wall Racks

Instead of installing a lot of cabinets which will utilize all the extra space and make the kitchen even smaller, you should go for open racks on one wall and keep all your crockery and spices on it.

Hang In There

Instead of using drawers and cabinets for storing all the dishes, install hooks on the wall to hang your pots and pans and cutlery. You can also install hooks from the ceiling or hang below the cabinets to save space and find a decent space for your pots and pans.

Go Solid And Dark

A single dark solid colored kitchen such as teal, charcoal or olive green looks dramatic, inviting and warm in your kitchen.

Add Lighting

Lighting instantly brightens up a small space. Add spots of lighting in your cabinetry or hand ceiling lights or even you can install lighting on the walls to accentuate the kitchen.

Add Mirrors

Mirrors enlarge any sort of small and restricted spaces. Use mirrors on the walls or add a mirrored or tiled backsplash, your small kitchen will appear bigger and brighter.


Natural lighting is attractive and makes the area cozy and warm. The daylight will be beneficial for your kitchen and will feel sultry at night.

Go Subtle And Light

Light and subtle colors make areas appear spacious and airy. Go for light colors for your kitchen.

Install A Glass Door

If you install a see through glass door, the space will look connected with the living room and make your small kitchen look big.

Utilize All You Have

Utilize every nook and corner of your kitchen and leave the center undisturbed. But make sure you do not cram it up. The idea is to utilize but not jam everything.

Install A 2 In 1 Kitchen Island And Breakfast Table

You would not have enough space for a breakfast table and a kitchen island in your small kitchen but you can double it up. You can install a small kitchen island and use it for prepping meals and put stools at one end and double it up as a breakfast area. Better yet install high racks and use it as a one bar and a coffee bar and voila you have 4 in 1. Get in contract a granite installer Potomac to come up with creative ideas for your kitchen island and breakfast table.

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