Hair health starts with a healthy scalp. Your scalp can have a lot of buildup and dirt in it and it’s important to clean it. Your scalp health is even more vital if you carry out hair color and highlights treatments. Here is everything you need to know about scalp[…]

How Can I Improve My Scalp

Have you received a keratin treatment recently? Well, you must be thinking about its care and maintenance. If this is your first-time getting keratin treatment by hairstylist, you may be in for some surprises unless you take the right steps. But before we get into caring and maintenance after the[…]

Keratin treatment after-care guide

Eyelashes are perhaps one of the most attractive features your face embodies. People dream of having the length of their eyelashes increased for a variety of reasons. This is why hair salons that do eyelash extensions are getting more clients these days. Here’s all you need to familiarize yourself with[…]

Pros And Cons Of Eyelash Extension

You must have heard about brazilian blowout treatment before. This is because these treatments are quite popular. You would have seen it tagged in a number of posts by models and Instagram influencers. So, chances are that you would have thought about getting it done for yourself too. Indeed, it[…]

A brazililan blowout guide for you