5 Pool Ownership Myths Busted

Everyone likes to have a pool in their backyard, but several misconceptions can keep them from consulting a swimming pool builder for having a pool in their house. Therefore, we are going to discuss the most popular pool ownership misconceptions and why you shouldn’t be worried about them. Let’s begin!

Myth #1: An in-ground pool costs more than we can afford

In-ground pools are the most popular type preferred by homeowners. For others, they raise the panic factor as it is commonly thought that in-ground pools cost more than they can afford. The actual thing with in-ground pools is that they are not inexpensive but not enough to drain your entire life savings.

In-ground pools are not only meant for visual appeal but also to increase the value of your property. Pool costs, irrespective of the type, mainly depend on the size, upgrades, and options. Therefore, the bigger the pool, the higher the costs will be.

In addition to that, a free-form pool will generally cost less than a straight line or a geometric pool according to the contrary belief. Next, comes the size of the deck, which is based on surface square footage and size.

Myth #2: Swimming pools and pool pumps are expensive to operate

This was a popular myth surrounding swimming pools and pool pumps back when most pools utilized the traditional single-speed pump. However, with time, innovations were made and today, we have pools that are installed with energy-efficient variable speed pumps with programmable timers, helping you save a significant amount of money at the end of the day. With such cost-saving pool pumps installed in your pool, all you have to do is set the running time and stick to the time frame.

Myth #3: Maintenance of a swimming pool will be difficult and costly

Then again, the maintenance of swimming pools depends on the size, type and features installed. If you are talking about big swimming pools, it is obvious that the time and effort put in will be comparatively more than the regular swimming pools out there.

Opposite to most people assuming that pools require expensive maintenance, it takes less money, time, and energy than maintaining a lawn or working on landscaping. The fact that you can easily hire professionals to clean your pool but you can also do it on your own within an hour.

Swimming pools are just like vehicles. They need regular maintenance to maintain the looks and ensure a longer lifespan. Of course, if you ignore the basic cleaning and replacement factors, you will most probably end up with expensive repairs and replacements down the road.

Therefore, you should develop a maintenance schedule and stick to it. If you plan on cleaning your pool at least once a week, you are less likely to deal with mountains of algae and fungus in the long run. Additionally, you can also spot issues beforehand and fix them before they turn into a headache.

Myth #4: We will get a swimming pool but no one will use it

Having a pool in your backyard provokes everyone for at least a quick dive. In fact, most special events are organized around swimming pools for people to spend more time together. You can use it for celebrations, entertainment, and relaxation. It all basically comes down to how you want to use it.

Of course, if you don’t like people going anywhere near the area, then no one is going to use it, which will simply be a waste of money. Plus, you will have to pay for maintenance and cleaning irrespective of whether people use it or not. Therefore, it is better that you use it on weekends and invite your loved ones to raise the excitement bar.

Myth #5: Salt water pools are natural and require no-added chemicals

You might have come across many people saying that saltwater pools are natural and require no chemicals. Essentially, saltwater pool chlorination systems require salt to produce chlorine. You can maintain and monitor your pools using the same testing kits used for chlorine pools and add chemicals accordingly whenever the pool demands it.

Therefore, it needs to be kept in mind that saltwater pools are not chlorine-free pools. You have to add salt to the saltwater system to produce chlorine by installing a chlorine saltwater generator.

Final Word

We have covered most of the popular myths surrounding ownership of swimming pools. While most of them relate to basic maintenance, others require defining your purpose. But rest assured, swimming pools are not that much of a hassle as people might think. Contact a pool contractor to get a rough estimate of the pool building cost. lagras

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