6 Natural Remedies For Hay Fever

Hay fever is a very common allergic reaction which can cause you to sneeze a lot. This allergic reaction is also medically known as allergic rhinitis. Here are some amazing natural remedies which can help alleviate hay fever without having to visit an allergy center.

Try Organic Honey

Honey is not only a sweet treat for your taste buds but it also helps with a lot of allergies, not just hay fever. For hay fever, honey is a great thing to use. It lubricates your throat, it is a natural anti-inflammatory agent and it is also antimicrobial, which is great if you want to build or strengthen your immune system. A teaspoon of honey every morning before you leave home will do wonders for your allergic reactions and hay fever. It also keeps symptoms like sneezing and sore throat away.

Herbal Teas Are Your Best Friends

Another great thing which will help soothe your irritated throat and lift your fever ridden mood is a nice and warm cup of herbal tea. Herbal tea is a great way to strengthen your immunity against allergies like hay fever and more. You can go for a single blend, or there are multiple herb blends which are available for your consumption. They can be found at any local health food stores, grocery stores or supermarkets.

A warm cup of herbal tea will soothe you from the inside out and the symptoms will go away within no time at all. The best thing of all is that it doesn’t compromise your sleep or appetite either.

Garlic Is A Life Saver

Garlic is nature’s antihistamine. If you are someone who experiences a lot of sneezing and a runny nose after getting hay fever, then garlic is your best friend. Garlic is known to soothe the inflammation in the body and it also helps to alleviate the sympathy of a sore throat, not to mention it also helps with runny nose and consuming one clove of garlic will make the fever and sore throat go away. This little piece of wonder is what you need handy, when you feel the symptoms starting to kick in.

Have Air Filters

This is a non-medicinal tip, but it helps just as much. Having purifiers and air filters is a great way to make sure that you are avoiding the triggers which can bring on the fever and allergies. Air filters are a great investment if you are someone who suffers from a lot of allergic reactions as the seasons change. An air filter lets the outside air in from one outlet and it gets rid of all the toxins, dust and harmful bacteria in the air and lets clean and purified air out from the other side.

Acupuncture Helps Too

This traditional Chinese method has been proven to be helpful in a lot of allergies and medical problems. Acupuncture is a great way to purify your body and blood and it gets rid of all the toxins and harmful chemicals in your body.

The technique of acupuncture is very straightforward. The technician usually pricks needles in your skin along the major pressure points like between your eyebrows, legs, arms, stomach, torso, etc. The needles are there for some time and then they are removed. This technique helps to get rid of any harmful substances that may cause allergies and more medical problems.

Try Stinging Nettle

Stinging nettle is an herb which is a natural analgesic, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory agent. It helps to get rid of any swelling in your body, which could have been caused by hay fever, dust and pollen. It is a green leaf which can be cooked in soups and stews and you can consume them as is. It is a great way to get extra iron and nutrients and it will also help with your allergies. Fresh nettle leaves are of great quality during the spring months, so try to stock them up.

There you have it! Sometimes, you don’t want to try the traditional treatments for your allergies, home remedies can be a great way to find out easy and quick relief from hay fever. But if the allergic reaction is severe, go to an allergy doctor Manassas immediately.

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