Chimney Inspection and Cleaning Facts

When it comes to the health of your family, chimney cleaning is very vital. Most people go to amazing lengths when it fears the comfort and health of their family. So the more knowledgeable you stay about the details related to your family health the better it is for you to make important decisions regarding their welfare.

For most people the general household things such as chimney and fireplaces may not amount much in relation to their family’s safety or health, but here are few facts that might support you understand how a badly managed hearth could be a large concern for your family’s well-being.

You would admit that the utility of a fireplace in your house is unquestionable. Anyway, do you know that if your chimney and fireplace are not looked rightly it could lead to serious safety and health issues?

Residual and combustion gasses

Sitting around a warm fireplace in winter with your family is the best feeling. Every combustion process that involves the burning of any fuel to get hot results in the release of various residues. These residues include creosote, soot, moisture, and gasses. Depending on the fuel, the ratio of these residues replaces but more or less all combustion processes end up providing some output of unhealthy and toxic residues. A timely chimney cleaning and inspect can support you ensure that the bad residues of the combustion process are being rightly disposed of.

Fire safety

Another residual wicked of the consumption process is the production of hydrocarbon gasses, here the un-burnt wood particles combine with very warm moisture and soot to form a dark brown substance called as creosote. As the chimney are relatively chill towards their tops, the warm air cools down the creosote begins sticking to the walls of the flues and chimney. Over time these accumulations cause to the growth of this dark sticky stuff all over the inner walls of the hues and chimney. If this buildup of creosote goes unchecked for a while, it can cause the following:

Block the air vent

A blocked air vent means all the residual gas releases are not being disposed of rightly and the vital amount of these toxic gasses is just lingering in your living area putting you and your family in health danger.

Cause a chimney fire

Creosote being a very combustible stuff could lead to a chimney fire. The air passing the chimney is very hot and once the creosote accumulation descends down to a level where the flow of this passing air is warm, you are forever at risk of chimney fire to get rid of this issue must contact chimney contractor.

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