Dos And Don’ts Of Car Washing

According to the Porsche approved service centers, washing your car or Porsche in this matter comes with its very own set of rules or guidelines. So if you believed that washing a car is simply a splash of water then stop right there!

Car Washing

Car washing in case of any car is pretty handful. Some of the things you deem right are actually completely wrong. A Porsche repair shop suggests to treat car washing as giving a bath to a baby. Be careful and gentle as well as cautious!

Following are some of the rules which even the Porsche approved service centers might agree with:


  1. Do wash your car after every fortnight. According to a Porsche , washing your car after every fortnight allows the car to remain in a good condition for quite a long time. The paint barely removes or scratches and there are hardly any marks available.
  2. Do use soft towels or chamois to dry out the wet car. In the process of doing so, make sure you simply put the towel in the wet spot and slowly pat it to dry it out.
  3. In case if the towel drying method is very long then get yourself a car blower.
  4. Do use specified car products when washing your car. According to the Porsche approved service centers, the car products provide all the necessary details you might need when washing a car for example, the amount of time the shampoo should be left on, the way it should be applied etc.
  5. Do wash your car in ventilated or shady areas so that the car remains wet for some time before you eventually dry it.
  6. Do use two buckets when washing a car. One should be filled with soap, the other with water in which you can rinse your cloth.


  1. Do not wash your car when it has just returned home after driving or has been standing in direct sunlight. The heat of the car makes its washing very tedious and tiresome.
  2. Do not use liquid detergents, laundry soaps or washing powders and soaps for your car. These play a huge role in destroying the paint job of your car.
  3. Do not put on the soap by swirling the sponge or cloth in circles. After washing, there are faint circles usually present on your car. The best way to wash it or apply soap onto it is by keeping the direction horizontal or vertical.
  4. Do not let the car to air dry. The reason is that sometimes the water leaves behind spots which gives a different hue as compared to your car’s original colors when in light.
  5. Do not wait for your car to play around in the mud. Rather make sure you wash it after every fortnight.
  6. Do not neglect the car mats, insides, seats and brake pedals while washing your car. A Porsche repair shop always puts emphasis on the tiny layer of dirt inside the car as it becomes highly visible and notable when the outside is spotless.

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