How to treat arthritis naturally at home?

Arthritis is a medical condition that includes joint pains and inflammation. It tends to get worse with time if not treated properly. Since it is a medical condition, consulting orthopedic doctors before trying any remedy is important. However, a lot of times doctors themselves suggest natural remedies to treat arthritis. In some case, they prescribe medications.

Ways to treat arthritis naturally

We have gathered a bunch of natural remedies to treat arthritis. Consult your doctor before trying any of the remedies mentioned in this article.

Lose some weight

Weight plays a huge role in maintaining your health. A healthy weight is an ideal weight. Low body weight causes weakness and other medical complications. Similarly, above average body weight leads to different medical conditions too. One of them is arthritis.

Your weight puts pressure on your joints, especially on the knees. Overtime, this excessive pressure causes inflammation and makes your joints ache. This leads to arthritis. Losing weight can help you remove the extra pressure from your joints and treat arthritis. You can lose weight through a proper diet and thorough exercise. Ask your doctor to help you figure out how much weight to lose and how to lose it.

Exercise daily

Exercise provides many benefits. One of these benefits is relief from arthritis. Daily exercise will not only help make your joints more flexible, but it will also strengthen your muscles thus providing extra support. Moreover, it will also help you maintain your weight which also plays a huge role in curing arthritis.

Low impact exercises are the best if you are suffering from arthritis. Some low impact exercises include swimming, walking, cycling etc. You can ask a professional for help or start an exercise program that fits your needs. Do not go into an exercise program that is way too harsh for you and your joints. You can also call over a friend to go cycling together. This will not only keep you motivated but will also make exercising super fun for you.

Maintain a healthy diet

Just like exercise, your diet plays an important part in your lifestyle. A healthy diet ensures a healthy body and healthy joints. Not only will it boost your immune system, but it will also help you maintain a healthy weight. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Plant based diets are said to reduce inflammation and thus reduce joint pains. Avoid unhealthy eating habits and foods that may end up increasing your blood pressure, cholesterol etc.

Take a nutritious and balanced diet for proper results. Ask a professional to help you make a suitable diet plan, keeping your health conditions in mind. Eat foods that are antioxidants such as plant based foods or turmeric. Antioxidants help cure inflammation.

Meditate to relieve pain

You may have heard of meditating going along with conditions such as depression, anxiety etc. However, that is not all that meditation cures. Meditation improves your overall mental and physical health. It can reduce stress which reduces inflammation.

Certain meditation techniques are built for pain relief. Yoga is one of the best ways to keep yourself mentally and physically healthy. Many breathing exercises are designed to relax your body and reduce stress and pain. Moreover, it is said than chronic pain can lead to depression and anxiety. Meditation helps keep a check on both your mental and physical health.


All these natural remedies for arthritis work wonders. However, none of these should be followed without consulting your doctor first. Orthopedic surgeons Woodbridge will understand your health condition better and will guide you properly. If your doctor allows, you can follow the above remedies to relief arthritis.

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