Impact of depression on men

The out dated concept that only week men and women are the victims of depression has to be routed out. The number of male patients diagnosed with depression and other similar mental illnesses are increasing day by day. Even a strong man can be affected by depression leading to ling lasting effects on his physical and psychological well-being.

The common symptoms of depression patients may be evident in men. But the symptoms like lack of interest in work, hobbies and family are prominent among men.  Low self esteem, difficulties in sleeping etc are also shown as symptoms of depression among men.

Myths about men’s depression

Unfortunately most men subjected to depression do not take any medical help as a result of various myths associated with this disorder.  Some of them are discussed below.

  1. Depression is a sign of weakness: Most people consider depression as a female oriented disease. They also believe that as men are stronger this disease does not affect them.  As this disease related to men’s strength no men like himself to be under the influence of depression. Therefore they never disclose they are under the control depression.
  2. Controlling feelings is easier for men than women: Depression changes one’s moods. If a person is able to control his feeling and his reactions to certain situations in life such persons will be able to suppress or overcome depression. As men are considered to be capable of controlling his emotions better than women, people think that it will be possible for him to recover from depression without undergoing any treatment.
  3. Men do not ask for help: Another myth about men is that they never asks for help or request somebody’s support whatever be the situation they are in. this myth makes men hesitant to discuss with his friends about their mental problems and request some help.
  4. Talking about depression is a waste of time: Many people think that when a person is subjected to depression there is no use in discussing it with other. They say that it will become worse only when others come to know about it. But the real fact is not this. If somebody is there to discuss your issued leading to mental illness there are better chances of coming out of it unhurt.
  5. It is impossible to lead a depression free life once you are afflicted: There is a wrong notion that depression is not curable. Such people feel that people with depression will have to lead a life of less happy life and there is no way out. This concept has been proven to be false by modern medical science.


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