Important tips for breast feeding mothers

Breast feeding is often a new and different experience for the first mother. Many mothers spend sleepless nights during the learning time of both the mother and the baby, though it is a pleasant experience. In this article I am going to furnish some dos and do nots to make your breast feeding an easy and enjoyable experience.  These tips will help the baby to get healthy lactation and proper nutrition.

Dos during breast feeding

  • Breast milk produced during the first two days is very thick and is very nutritious too. This yellowish liquid is known as colostrum and it plays a crucial role in the immunity of the baby.
  • Develop proper breast feeding habits. Hold your baby in a comfortable position so that it is easy for the baby and he is in a  straight position and not bend in any way to latch on to you.
  • For comfortable experience proper latching is important.
  • For the first few months a baby usually feed 9 to 10 limes. This number can be reduced as the baby grows. Do not forcefully try to wean off.
  • Feed baby whenever it needs or whenever you feel like.
  • A feeding mother should include enough carbohydrates, proteins and fats in her diet. What she eats is what her baby gets.
  • Include enough fruits’ in mother’s diet as it is full of vitamins and minerals.
  • Include dairy products in mother’s diet as it is abundant in calcium and fat.
  • Take a lot of soups, juices and smoothies and keep the mother hydrated always.

Don’ts of breastfeeding

  • After pregnancy women want to lose the extra weigh fast. This may adversely affect your breast milk. So don’t be in a hurry to lose weight faster. If you plan to lose weight within one year or so it will not be of any problem.
  • Don’t prefer crash diets. Crash diets lack essential nutrients. Balance food that includes fruits and vegetables should be taken during breast feeding.
  • Too much caffeine is not good for baby as well as the mother. If the mother consumes excess caffeine it will affect her as well as the baby. It may interfere with her digestive system also.
  • Spicy food is not advisable to lactating mothers. They may affect the digestion of the baby in the breast feeding phase. So it is advisable to avoid spicy food.
  • Do not take any medication or drugs during the lactation period without consulting your doctor as it can affect your baby also.

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