Keratin treatment after-care guide

Have you received a keratin treatment recently? Well, you must be thinking about its care and maintenance. If this is your first-time getting keratin treatment by hairstylist, you may be in for some surprises unless you take the right steps. But before we get into caring and maintenance after the treatment, let us break down keratin treatment for you. Keratin treatment is a hair treatment designed to bring shine and softness in your hair. It also makes your hair smoother. This is why it is one of the most popular treatments for frizzy and wavy hair. Also, nowadays, newer and better keratin products are used in salons.

Human hair is made of a protein that we call keratin. As time goes on, this keratin starts receiving damage from our everyday routine. There are multiple ways in which one can damage the hair protein. For instance, you may damage it by processes such as relaxing and coloring. Similarly, excessive shampooing is also said to damage the hair overtime. As the sheath of keratin on your hair starts getting damaged, the hair weakens, and this results in frizz. Eventually, the hair breaks and starts shedding.

Taking care of your hair after getting keratin treatment

Of course, frizz-free hair that keratin treatment offer sound amazing. However, depending on the type of keratin treatment that you receive, you can still get curls and waviness. Generally, keratin treatments last anywhere from 3 to 6 months. The better your maintenance routine is, the longer it will last. But know that once natural hair replaces your straightened hair, you are likely to get back the genetic texture of your hair.

There are several ways in which you can maintain your hair after getting keratin treatment. Let us look at them all.

Keep your hair dry

For a set period, you are required to avoid water on your hair after getting keratin treatment. So, do not forget to ask your hair stylist about it. Otherwise, the keratin treatment may just go to waste. This time varies depending on the type of treatment.

Modern keratin treatments do not necessarily require you to wait a week. Instead, the typical wait time is around 48 hours to three days. After that, you can wash your hair with specialized shampoos that are designed for women who have received keratin treatment.

Use sulfate-free shampoos

The next tips are to always use a sulfate-free shampoo. That is because sulfate is known to damage the scalp and roots of the hair. Similarly, if you are using a conditioner, try to go for low-sulfate or sulfate-free options.

Use silk pillowcases

Silk-pillow cases significantly reduce the friction that your hair must go through. Friction after keratin treatment can result in hair loss and excessive breakage. This will make your hair much smoother. Furthermore, you will undergo lesser hair damage.

Blow-dry the hair

Keeping the hair wet for extended periods of time after getting keratin treatment can significantly damage it. So, it is better to use a blow-drier, especially after taking a shower and working out when your hair is likely to be wet.


We hope that you now know about the most important care and maintenance tips. By incorporating these in your everyday life, you can significantly enhance the look of your hair. This way, your keratin treatment will also last much longer.

Another factor is the quality of the treatment that you have received. Good hair straightening salons Potomac use the best and highest quality products. Hence, you are likely to receive a much better value and results in the long run. High quality products tend to last much longer due to that reason.

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