Taking A Look At Girls Basketball Camps

Although, basketball is popular with boys, girls basketball camps are organized by many colleges and other institutions with the aim of impacting the girls with the best basketball skills.

If you are a girl and you like basketball, it’s imperative that you consider attending these camps. In addition to sharpening your basketball skills, you also have an opportunity of interacting with basketball professionals. The interaction can see you joining the best basketball teams in your country or area. You can also easily get a basketball scholarship.

Types of girls basketball camps

There are two main types of summer basketball camps that you can attend: residential and day. In a day camp, you attend the camp during the working hours after which you return to your home at night. A residential basketball camp on the other hand is conducted in a college with dormitories thus you live there throughout the duration of the camp.

The camps usually last for two weeks and have different payment plans. For example, you should expect to pay up to $300 for a residential camp and $150 for a day camp.

How the training is conducted

The college coaches are the ones who handle the basketball training; however, they invite professional ex-NBA coaches to help them. Most camps provide both on-court and off-court training sessions that are aimed at making you a star.

During on-court sessions, you are exposed to all aspects of the game. Here you are taught how to professionally shoot, defend, dribble, and pass. You are taught how to play your position.

The off-court sessions involve analysis and discussion of match videos. The basketball couches show you the different basketball videos and guide you on what you should and shouldn’t do.

Factors to consider before joining a basketball camp

You should note that no two camps are the same. Before you join any camp, you should do through background checks. You should research and find out if the college or institution has been organizing similar basketball camps before. Remember that it’s always wise to attend a camp organized by an experienced institution.

You should also find out the reputation of the coaches who will be offering basketball coaching. As rule of thumb you should ensure that the coaches are of high reputation and experienced enough.

Cost is another factor that you should highly consider. You should note that many institutions tend to charge high fees when there are professional coaches offering the training. Although, being trained by a professional is good, you should note that there are some less-popular coaches that are as good as the popular ones.

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