The Components of an HVAC System

It is important to have an efficient HVAC to comfort your family all year round, because this device has climate control that can ventilate, heat, and air condition your home. It is important that before you talk to HVAC technicians, you already have an idea of the components you have to look for to avoid getting fooled or sales talked. In addition, if you understand the parts of your HVAC system, you will know how to maintain it properly as an owner and being knowledgeable about your air conditioner and heater makes it easier for you to find and fix problems. The most important parts of an HVAC system are mentioned here and how each one works.

Know about HVAC

The function of the thermostat is to give you a reading of the ambient temperature present in the air. After that, the thermostat is going to send signals to the other parts of the system to inform them if it should start to heat up, cool, or sit the temperature. Commercial buildings might have a couple of thermostats found in a lot of the sections in the room. Line voltage of the thermostats are for electricity control while it runs to the unit. They are normally just used for electrical HVAC systems. The majority of other systems such as gas or oil use a thermostat with low voltage, wherein a transformer is used for it.

The Furnace

The furnace is a main component of an HVAC system. It also calls for a big space which is normally in the basement or cellar, the attic, or a closet that is only built for that. The function of the furnace is to supply heated air that is to be dispersed to the different parts of the room through the HVAC. This process of heating is achievable through electrical resistance, combustion, heat pump, or solar energy.

Heat Exchanger

This is the component that is responsible for heating the air before it is distributed to the entire space. The exchanger is made up of metal wall systems or coils that use a heating element to get heated. There is air blown that goes into the exchanger that could come from either outside or a return duct found in the HVAC system. The motion of the air is to go through the exchanger and then it gets heated up. After that, it gets released to reach the ductwork so your entire space is heated.

The Condenser Coil

The condenser coil is part of any AC or heat pump, and normally it is located outside the home. A condenser is responsible for cooling your home by working to release the heat towards the air from the outdoor. This occurs when there is compression and condensation refrigerant produced by a cold liquid or warm gas. In addition, there is a fan that blows air above the compressor so the heat is dispersed and the refrigerant cools faster. After that, your HVAC system will send the refrigerant towards the aluminum-copper or tube, it will then go through it to reach the evaporator coil.


The majority of HVAC systems will use the same ducts for heated and cooled distribution of air. These ducts are the small passageways where air goes through. Most of the time, aluminum is used to make them, but sometimes other materials are used to make them. The 2 kinds of ducts are the return line and supply line. The supply line is responsible for sending heated or cooled air through the system towards the building. While the return line is for taking air from inside the space and returning it to the furnace.

Air Filters

Air filters are needed by systems that use return air. Since air goes through recycling inside the building, the air filters are responsible for removing particles and dust. This is excellent for keeping the air quality in your space clean and better.

Now that you are aware of the important components of an HVAC system, you can now continue with the buying process. The HVAC companies VA will also be able to assist you much better because you know about the product you are buying.

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