Understanding different aspects of sex therapy

Many people think that a sex therapist office is a strange and kinky place and therefore they are not interested in going to a sex therapist for advice. This is a false notion.  In fact, sex therapy is not very different from the most common form of psychological counseling.

  • He studies your problem in detail and formulate the course of therapy

A sex therapist studies the sexual history of his patient and after studying it in detail he formulates goals and works for solving them. IN this article I am going to consider a few of his most important aspects for making him free from irrational assessments.

  • He makes you explore the psychological aspect of your sexual relation

From the interaction of the therapist with the patient he understands the psychological problems, if any, in the sexual problems experienced by you.  He starts his study by understanding the performance anxiety of the patient and share it with him. He teaches the couple to open new communication lines and discuss sexual needs and anxieties among the couple. Thus the couple is allowed to explore the relationship stress.

3 There can be some homework

The therapist sits in his office only and nothing actually happens there. He gives you instructions which the couple can experiment at home if they want to get a relief from their problem. He may also suggest you to practice sensate focus exercises which are intended to attune your partner more. Typically this exercise starts by touching or stroking your body with a goal to create a sensation of touching.  This feeling may end in real sex. But, it is not intended to bring orgasm. So when the therapist gives you training in touching he takes care not to touch breast area or genital area.

  • Always keep your cloths in proper positions during practice sessions

The patient is not expected to remove his cloths either partially or fully in a sex therapist’s office as whatever is taking place in his office is only training session which should never ever bring sexual emotions into fore front.

  • Always choose the best therapist

Select a sex therapist that has good credentials and references. Better go for a qualified professional who has at least a graduation in subjects like sex therapy, family counseling, social work etc.

Every sexual problems does not come under his purview

A patient should understand that a sex therapist can solve only sexual problems which have some link to the psychological problems of the patient. The sexual problems which are caused by physical disabilities cannot be attended by a sex therapist.

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