12 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Straight Hair

Straight hair is the ultimate epitome of beauty. Your sleek and straight tresses look effortlessly beautiful and give off a shine to kill. Every woman dreams of naturally straight tresses and you are lucky if you are blessed with them. If you not, you can get them from a keratin treatment salon.

If you want to style your hair then you are in for a surprise because we have compiled the best hairstyles to make your straight hair look even more gorgeous.

Wide French And Dutch Braids

French or Dutch braids look gorgeous and elegant and can be easily styled in straight hair. Widen your braids and stand out amongst everyone.

Waterfall Braids

Waterfall braids look great on their own as they add depth and body to your hair and uplift your naturally straight hair. You can make many hairstyles with waterfall braids.

  • Braided band: This looks great on your hair and forms a hairband sort.
  • Waterfall braid with loose waves: Just pop in some velcro rollers for some loose waves.
  • Braided waterfall crown: A very elegant and chic style. Wear it with a low bun for a formal affair or pop in some flowers for a flirty look.

Wrap Knot Ponytail

A ponytail looks very sleek on straight hair but it can also tend to look flat. A ponytail with backcombing or with wrap knots instantly adds dimension to your hair and makes it look fuller.

Long Fish Braid On The Side

Side braids look great and smart. A messy fish braid on one side will make sure all eyes are on you wherever you go.

Side Buns, Low Messy Buns, Or Elegant Chignon

Straight hair is so versatile that any hairstyle can be made into them. The blow-drying and straightening time is reduced hence more effort is put into the hairstyle.

A loosely made side bun with a few loose tresses on your forehead looks really romantic and makes you look regal.

Messy buns are in trend and can make you feel like a celebrity on a ramp.

A chignon looks stylish and elegant and compliments your straight mane greatly.

Half Made Hair

Halfway hairstyles look striking on straight hair. Half braids with loose tresses, or halfways knotted ponytails or even French or fish braids with half hair look trendy and awesome.

Sleek Updos

Updos look sleek for any occasion and when it’s done on straight hair then your updo will stand out on its own. Tease your hair a bit to create volume and leave a few soft waves on the front for a soft look. You can either go for a gelled-up sleek updo or a messy high updo with some waves.

If you are not into hairstyles then you can get all sorts of haircuts on your straight hair and be awed by the results. As straight hair ensures an awesome result in all sorts of haircuts.

Braided Updo

Braided updo looks extremely sexy and can make you the center of attention in any event. Straight hair gives off a natural shine that makes your hairstyle look more elegant.


Get a rocking haircut in layers. Go for long layers or many layers and see the depth it will add to your hair.


Feathers are a great way to add dimension to your hair, especially if your hair is colored because it adds direction and enhances your hair color.


Bangs add innocence to your face and give a framework. Curtain bangs are a great way to enhance your straight hair and give volume and movement to your hair. Curtain bangs look great in long layers. If you want a girl next door look then go for side-swept bangs which look effortlessly romantic and gorgeous. The bangs are layered and cut on the side and give instant lift and volume to your hair.


Bobs and straight hair complement each other perfectly. Whether you go for a straight and sleek bob or a side angled bob, long bob, or a bob with an edgy look, your hair will look great.


Whichever haircut you go for or whichever hairstyle you opt for, you know you will look good. If you want beautiful hairstyles then make sure to keep your hair long. And if you need to straighten hair first, visit a Brazilian blowout salon Potomac.

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