5 Things Allergy Doctors Want You To Know

Allergies are quite irritating that do not go away if not treated well by the best allergists. However, there are many things that the allergist wants you to know. Follow below.

Allergy Shots Are Not Effective For Everyone

Many people think that the most effective and long-lasting treatment for their allergies is none other than the allergy shots which is certainly not correct every time. Patients sometimes irritate the allergists by insisting them to perform this treatment on them regardless of the results because all they think is that it is the perfect treatment for them. However, what the doctors want their allergy patients to know is:

  • People who suffer allergies in more than one season or in other words they encounter year-round symptoms are recommended to be treated with allergy shots because the results last pretty long providing the patients with a good relief from the symptoms.
  • Whereas, people whose allergies are triggered either in spring or fall season are not advised to get allergy shots as there will not be any effective results and it would be just a waste of money.

Allergy doctors also want you to know that this treatment is not as simple as it sounds. You would have to visit the allergy clinic frequently in the initial months of treatment. You would be given an allergy shot then the allergist would make you wait for about 30 minutes to check if there is any negative reaction. If nothing bad happens, the treatment would be continued, but, if any reaction is noticed, the treatment would be stopped right there.

You Can Be Allergic To Your Pet

Pets are a family member and no pet owner wants to hear that they are allergic to their pet, even if the doctor tells them this, they simply refuse. Sometimes, patients get offended when an allergist tell them that they might be allergic to their pet which irritates the doctor and that is why an allergist wants you to know that this is a possibility and you should make your mind about it. Though, the solution to it is not that you would have to live without your pet, there are several other ways to control your symptoms such as; don’t bring the pet too close to your mouth, ban the entry of your pet into your bedroom so at least you room stays allergen-free, get a HEPA filter installed in your house which purifies the air and traps all allergens inside your home.

Never Assume Yourself What You Are Allergic To

Allergy patients usually make their allergies worse by assuming the cause on their own. For example; you might assume that you are allergic to your pet but when the tests are done, it comes out that your pet is not the culprit but outdoor pollen and dust mites are. Usually people think that the allergy is just seasonal, it would go on its own and won’t come back next year, but, it things do not go the way you think and your allergy shows up once again. You can never understand the symptoms of an allergy yourself and hence, visiting the best allergist is a must so that you are diagnosed and treated correctly.

Observe If the Medications Are Working Well

Doctors want their patients to keep a check on the relief of symptoms after taking regular medications. Your allergist would want you to inform them if you don’t notice any ease in the symptoms of your allergy after taking medicines for at least 3-4 days regularly. In this way, they would be able to change your medicines and prescribe the ones that would be more effective.

Moving To Another Country/City Won’t Give Relief From Your Allergy

People who have severe allergies usually believe that changing the place would help them in easing allergy symptoms. But, if you are an allergy-prone person, you are likely to develop any kind of allergy regardless of the age and the place. So, moving would not really help.

You should not always rely on your allergy doctor Manassas to tell you each and everything, you should educate yourself on your own about your allergy.

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