Are hip joint injections good for fast relief from pain?

Hip joint is situated aneterior and lateral to the gluteal region. It overlies the greater trochanter   connected to the femur. Three bones of the pelvis are fused into hip bone which is scientifically known acetabulum.  The hip joint is also called as acetabulumfemoral joint by hip surgeons. Its primary function is to support the weight of the body in standing and walking postures. The important function of the hip joint is to retain the balance of human body and to maintain the angle of pelvic inclination.

Hip pain: Things to know

Due to old age or continued use the hip joint may get damaged and any of conditions stated below can lead to severe pain in the hip.

  • Osteoarthritis: this is caused by the wear and tear of the slick cartilage at the ends of the bones in hip joint.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis: This condition is often caused by overactive immune system leading to  inflammation and pain.
  • Osteonecrosis: insufficient blood supply can lead to collapse of bones followed by deformation.


Hip joint injections have made treatment for hip pains more easy and effective.

Thousands of people are finding normal living activities like exercises, outings, time spend with family etc  are becoming painful and difficult  to practise in life  as a result of hip joint problems which they experience. When hip joint is in trouble the conventional treatments are the common course of action which everyone takes initially. Introduction of new hip joint injections have revolutionized the hip pain treatment and treatment for pain on lower back Leg or buttack. Orthopedic surgeons have great understanding in the matter and this helps them to find wonderful remedies to hip pain and all similar pains using some particular injections.

Hip joint injection

Hips joint is a large joint in which the leg meets the pelvis. Most often the pain caused in the hip is due to arthritis. Injury or overuses are other minor causes that can lead to hip pain. Due to overage or continued use the cartilage of the hip joint gets worn out resulting in stress on the hip bone. Inflammation and enlargement are the other consequences of this over use.

Diagnosis: As the injection contains numbing agent the immediate relief of pain obtained while injecting it into the joint can be considered as a confirmation for the existence of hip joint pain.

Treatment: The injection also includes corticosteroid which is good for reducing the inflammation and for improving the mobility of the joint.

While administering injections X-rays are made utilized for guiding the path of the needle and for properly targeting the needle to the correct spot. Then the medicine is slowly released.

How long it takes

Hip joint injections are normally done as an outpatient treatment. It normally takes only twenty minutes to complete the entire process including the preparation time.  After the completion of injection, the patient will have to be under medical care and supervision for a short recovery period.

What is the result expected?

Experience has shown that hip joint injections are very effective and can be taken as an alternative to the surgical procedure.  It is suggested that the patient may take it as a day procedure. The patient can return to the daily activities on the next day . Immediate relief from pain can be expected minutes after the procedure. Prolonged relief can be felt after the consumption of the corticosteroid.

Is there any long lasting therapy?

Though hip joint injections are not considered as cure, it has been proved to be very effective in reducing the hip pain immediately and for a longer period of time. It is also useful in reducing the inflammation. For better results an hip orthopedic specialist Mclean, VA will have to resort to procedures like prolotherapy, platelet rich plasma procedure etc. These innovative procedures can heal the underlying problem or cause for hip pain and make the life of the patient more convenient.

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