6 Things I Wish I Knew Before Remodeling A Bathroom

Bathroom remodeling is not an easy process. You need planning and proper budgeting and advice from someone who had gone through the bathroom remodeling process to increase your odds of having a smooth remodeling process. You should know these things before a bathroom renovation.

The Possibility Of Going Over Budget Is High

You may think that creating a budget for bathroom remodeling is difficult, but the hard part is managing to stay within the budget. Nothing is set in stone during a bathroom update. The fixture may cost more than you estimated or the cost of counters and surface can be more than the set amount. Therefore, the possibility of going over budget is high.

To keep yourself ready for the budget problem, keep a big buffer amount that should be used when you go over budget. This will enable you to complete your remodeling project without any halts or pauses.

Make Sure You And Your Contractor Are On The Same Page

When planning the process and explaining what should be done, which fixtures will be removed, and which tiles will be installed, be clear to the contractor with the instructions.

Imagine you want to keep the bathtub and want to remove the shower, but the contractor removes both. So, never think the contractor knows everything about the plan of the remodel and keep the instructions clear to avoid expensive misunderstandings.

The Color Of The Grout Can Make Or Break The Look Of The Bathroom

It may be hard to believe that grout is a critical factor in making a bathroom beautiful or ugly. You must be careful when choosing the grout color as it can ruin the appearance of your bathroom.

The best example of a bad color choice of grout is white grout. White grout is a bad choice for many tile colors because it will look fresh for a couple of days but after getting dirty, it will ruin the shiny look of the tiles.

So, talk with the contractor about the color of grout that will match the color, style, and pattern of tiles before finalizing an option. Black goes well with most tiles. Moreover, gray, beige, and cream colors don’t fade much as well.

Functionality Before Beauty

We know you want your bathroom to look the most beautiful on the set budget, but keep in mind that the bathroom design and style should be practical. If the design is pretty but the efficiency is minimum, you will regret your decision and most likely have to make many changes later down the road, which will cost you more money.

For instance, a separate bathtub and a shower enclosure will look amazing, but if you don’t use a bathtub often, it’s a massive waste of money. In this case, instead of the bathtub, consider more storage space.

Your bathroom should be remodeled with your habits and preferences in mind. If you don’t like storage under the vanity, consider more storage space at your preferred height.

Don’t Forget The Outlets

When you’re focusing on choosing the best tiles, cabinets, and counters for your bathroom, it’s easy to forget about smaller but essential things like outlets. Installation of outlets is easier, but they should be installed where you need them.

For instance, if you want to use a blow-dryer and you will need an outlet that is near the mirror so you can style and dry your hair easily. If the outlet is far from the vanity or the mirror, you will have no other than to blow-dry hair without looking at a mirror.

Make Tile Selection Easier

There is a huge number of bathroom tiles and their types. Therefore, choosing the right one for your bathroom may appear as a tedious task. Even when you go through the many options, you might end up with a tile type that looks beautiful but is not durable.

So, stay with the tried and tested types of tiles to keep your sanity. Choose between natural stone, cement, glass, and porcelain tiles. After selecting the type, dive into the colors and patterns of tiles.


Bathroom renovation is an exciting process but it can drain your energy if not planned correctly. Get help from bathroom remodelers to plan and execute the process well. abbruz

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