8 Tips From Experts For Planning A Memorable Destination Wedding

Have you finalized the location? Are the table and chair rentals for wedding booked already? There must be so many things on your checklist, right?

Don’t fret, these tips will help you plan your destination wedding without messing anything up:

Pick a Meaningful Location 

The destination you choose should have all the right resources for a perfect wedding. Your friends and family will be accompanying you through this journey and you must not disappoint them.

Don’t choose a location that has only one hotel and no amenities nearby to facilitate your guests. Consider the comfort of your guests along with your own.

Budget and Plan Carefully

A destination wedding is just like planning a vacation. The travel and hotel costs are likely to fluctuate depending on when you are getting married. Since you would be planning in advance, check the events happening around the location.

If there are any major events, this could spike the cost of travel and accommodation. It’s recommended not to make any reservations during the peak season. The best way of keeping the expenses low is to find an all-inclusive resort that offers wedding packages. This might fit your budget.

Give Your Guests a Heads-Up

Are you taking the opinion of your guests for the location? If so, give them a list of destinations along with the best deals on flights and accommodation. Not everyone can afford what you can afford.

Once the location is final, send out save-the-dates 8 months in advance. Your wedding is a mini-vacation for you but not for your guests. Don’t get disappointed if some of the guests can’t attend.

Take a Short Trip Yourself

This cannot be stressed enough. You can’t book a destination without visiting it before. It’s important if you want to secure the key venues for the ceremony, choose the best hotels for your guests, find the best florists, caterers, photographers, stylists, etc.

Then, you also have to organize activities for your guests if it’s a 2-day trip. You might have to visit the destination more than twice to make all the arrangements.

Look Into the Local Marriage Requirements

Since you are not getting married in your town or country, the marriage requirements will differ. This is particularly true if you are tying the knot in a different country.

Most countries have a residency requirement. This means residing in the country for a certain length of time before the ceremony takes place. Therefore, you might have to stay longer than you actually planned to.

Before you travel, research the local marriage requirements and oblige by everything. This might seem like a lot of work but it’s going to save you from trouble later on and will help you to make your wedding special.

Don’t Offer To Pay For Everyone

Don’t feel guilty to ask your guests to pay for their own travel costs. If some of the guests can’t afford it, don’t stress yourself out. Unless you have extensive resources, don’t offer to cover everyone’s expenses.

However, you need to do something special for the guests are going to attend your wedding. A thank you gift, a spa day or any other treat would be a nice way of saying thank you.

Pick the Vendors Carefully

Vendors can make or break the wedding. Whether it is florists, photographers, caterers or hair and makeup, don’t take anyone lightly. It’s important to work with those you trust.

Therefore, seek references, check their portfolios and meet them in person. This will give you a sense of their personality and experience. You can also take local vendors from your hometown or country. But that means you will be bear their travel and accommodation expenses.

Dress for the Destination

Apart from the wedding attire, make sure you and your guests pack the right dresses according to the weather. If you are going to read your vows on the beach, give everyone a head-ups and ask them to bring appropriate footwear.

Destination wedding, wedding party rentals Rockland NY, vendors, and the arrangements – all of this can be expensive. Feel free to delegate small tasks to your friends and family if they are willing to help you out. Focus on the important things and everything will work out just fine.

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