Everything one needs to know before arranging a tented wedding

Renting a tent in good wedding tent rental packages will be the best thing to protect your guests whether the venue of your wedding is a beach or the backyard of your house. The wedding tent is not only romantic and elegant, it also provides peace of mind as you are sure that your guests will get cover in case the weather does not go your way. If you think a chic party tent beaming with garlands and lights as an ideal place to celebrate the most important occasion in your life, read and understand what is given below which is about the things that are needed to be done for making  wedding tent rental packages more successful.

Decide on style of wedding tent rentals

As tents are available in a number of styles and sizes, your options run the gamut. There are some styles which do not have any interior poles at all. This means there will be no obstruction to setting up of table lines and the sight lines will also not be obstructed. These types of tents offer maximum flexibility and space which is very important for a large marriage reception.

For a small scale marriage a Capri-style tent will be enough. If the function is going to be set on concrete, asphalt or wooden decks or balconies or some other places where the middle pole cannot be used then freestanding tents of frame tents will be the most suitable one. When measuring the location for deciding the area of the tent you must not forget to add 10 feet each to both the length and breadth of the foundation area.

Figure out the area needed for the dance floor

To figure out the area needed for the dance floor one must consider the probable number of guests that are expected to arrive for the function.  One will have to multiply this number with 12 for buffet style with round tables. Multiply by 10 for a dinner in the buffet style with facility for seating.  Multiply with 8 for cocktail parties with some seating.

In a similar manner there is an easy formula for calculating the dance area required. By dividing the number of guests by 4, one can understand the number of couples among them.  By multiplying this number by 10, one will get the total area in square feet required for dance floor.

Read the vendor contract

As soon as you find out a rental company capable of providing the required services at affordable rates, sign a rental agreement after paying a deposit to confirm the agreement.  Do not forget to read the agreement completely and understand the terms entered therein.

Although it is a pre-existing format, knowing the terms will help one to get from future shocks in the case the agreement has to be cancelled for some reason. In some cases if cancellation is not done within 2 weeks prior to the wedding date deposit may not be refunded. It has to be noted that some contracts will include everything like installation plus tables and chairs required for the function including the linen etc. Some tent rentals do not include these matters in their initial contract and charges extra when they are asked to do it.  So reading the contract in advance will help one from getting into pits and becoming the losers. 

Visiting the venue with the tent rental agencies

Even after signing the contract it is not safe to sit idle thinking that everything is well set. I think it will be better if the tent rental agency and the person who is arranging the marriage reception visit the venue together. This will help both of them to find some unknown problems that are peculiar to the venue and can cause problem at the time of the function. Such visits  will help to spot out potential problems and find a solution will in advance under consultation with wedding party rentals dc who are much experience in such matters.

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