9 Hair Coloring Types You Should Know About

The trend of hair color keeps on changing from time to time. Also, most hair color and highlights salons have almost every type of hair coloring that you might want. There are various types of hair colors that are loved by so many people, some of these are listed below.

Temporary Hair Color

You must have seen people slaying in their new burgundy and pastel hair colors. These trending colors undoubtedly make them look dazzling but there are some people who do not want to keep this trendy fashion for a longer time. People who want a new hair color just for an occasion, usually get temporary hair color done or get hair extensions. Temporary hair color gives your hair the perfect and your desired shade which you can clean easily with a single wash using shampoo. But, if you use temporary hair color quite often then the damaged dyed hair would look discolored.

Permanent Hair Color

If you compare the results of permanent and temporary hair color then both are generally the same, the only difference in these two is that unlike temporary hair color, permanent hair color stays longer and don’t wash out after the shower. However, this color does fade away but at a very slow pace, you can stun in your new hair color for a pretty long period of time.

Tip: If you want to opt a shade for permanent hair coloring then it is highly recommended to first go for temporary hair color for that shade so that if it doesn’t suit, you can easily wash it off and choose another hair color rather than getting stressed over the undesired results.

Semi-Permanent Hair Dye

If you love your temporary hair color so much that you want to keep it a little longer but not as long as permanent hair color then semi-permanent hair color would be your way to go. The dyes used in this type of hair coloring are ammonia and hydrogen peroxide-free. Semi-permanent hair color is expected to persist for about 6-8 washes. People usually opt for this type to cover their grey hair. Semi-permanent dyes add great shine to your hair and look best under natural sunlight.

Demi-Permanent Hair Dye

If you want to get a look that is neither a permanent hair color nor semi-permanent hair color, go for demi-permanent hair coloring. However, one thing that semi and demi-permanent hair coloring is that the dye used in both processes lacks ammonia. But, there are many factors that differentiate them from one another such as; a developer is first mixed with a dye. This developer has the property to make the dye infiltrate into the hair shaft deeply. This is something that isn’t done in semi-permanent hair coloring which is why it doesn’t make it into the hair shaft and just coats it instead. Because of the penetration, demi-permanent coloration is likely to last longer.


The most trending type of hair coloring that so many women have been spotted in is the highlights. Women who don’t want their head to be covered with an unvarying color usually prefer highlights because these give a fabulous multi-dimensional look with lightened hair color and highlights.


Opposite to the highlights, lowlights provide much darker shade to your hair. to create lowlights some of the hair coloring are combined to create the perfect look.


Another top trending technique is balayage. This method is sort of coloring your hair which at the end results in much natural look. According to your desires, you can either get a lighter and perfect blonde look or a heavy sun-kissed shade.


Ombre is the gradual fading of a darker shade from the roots to the lighter shade at the tips. Ombre leaves you with an elegant look. The best thing about ombre hair coloring is that it doesn’t require frequent touch-ups.

Root Color

As your age progresses, grey hair starts to grow from the roots making your hair look two-toned. Most people do not want to dye their whole hair and only want to cover the grey hair. For such people, the root coloring method is the best.

You can get any of these above-mentioned types of hair colors from hair salons specializing in colors Rockville.



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