What Is The Difference Between Balayage And Highlights & Balayage And Ombre

Confused whether you should try balayage hair highlights or foiled highlights? Read further to get complete idea about the difference between both the types and which one you should go for.

Balayage Hair

Balayage is a French word which means ‘to paint’ or ‘to sweep’. Balayage hair highlights are done by the dye on the sections of your hair in a sweeping or painting way. The dye is usually applied from the mid of your hair strand till the end.

Another thing that makes balayage hair highlights one of its kind is that the color is applied in a revolutionary manner for example, it is started from the bottom most part of your head and then moved up to the midsection and lastly the top section is colored. You can get this highlight easily from any balayage hair salon.

Highlighted Hair

Highlights can be defined as the streaks of lighter hair color than the base color or natural hair color. For example, if you have dark brownish hair then light brown highlights would suit you the most or if you have deep blonde hair then golden highlights would do wonders. The technique due to which highlights differ from balayage hair is the use of aluminum foils. Your hair strand would be dyed starting from the roots to the tips and then aluminum foils would be wrapped around it so that heat can be trapped in and result in more intensely light color.

Difference Between Balayage and Highlights

  1. Your hair are highlighted in way more carefully and in a structured pattern on small strands of hair than the balayage. However, in balayage process your hair strands are painted or swept freely on the large hair sections that is why balayage seems to be blended more perfectly than the highlights.
  2. Highlights are done from the root of your hair to the tip whereas, balayage is done by dying the hair starting from the mid of the strands to the ends.
  3. Many people come with a desire to make their highlights more intensely lighter than their base color for which aluminum foils are used. In balayage hair salons, there is no need of foils and your hair are simply painted with lighter shade than your base color and the dye is blended more smoothly.
  4. Highlights need to be touched after a couple of weeks when your new hair grows out as they are dyed from the roots of your hair. Whereas, balayage is done from the mid of the hair hence it does not require roots touching or maintenance that much.
  5. Highlights helps in framing your face and underlining the base color of your hair with the highlighted ones. Balayage is famous for adding dimensions and the depth to your beautifully flowing hair.
  6. With highlights, you would get a stripy look due to the foils. However, balayage doesn’t give any stripy look but is mixed well with the darker shade of your hair and the dye lightens in the sunlight.

Balayage vs Ombre

Balayage is a dye which gives your hair a soft and natural color and doesn’t have much obvious regrowth lines. Ombre, on the other hand requires bleaching the hair depending upon whatever the shade you choose. Talking about the results, ombre is the transition from darker shade to the lighter one and balayage is consistent with no such transitions. Balayage is usually a vertical placement while ombre is the horizontal. However, trimming your hair from the tips is ideal before getting any of these two treatments.

Why Balayage is Popular?

Balayage is more popular than any other type because of its application techniques and result. The dye is painted on your hair with a freehand and the colorist choose the best placements to go with the natural hair growth pattern and to give you hairstyle the best compliments with the placements. Balayage is also popular for its versatility and can be painted on any type of haircut. Moreover, it’s a quick process which doesn’t need much maintenance or appointments.

Everyone has a different taste when it comes to the hair color. Make sure you choose the best one for yourself or you can also visit a balayage hair salon potomac md or any other salon for further suggestions.

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