Abortion rates in the United States are on the decline

For the last more than thirty years abortion rates in the United States have been increasing year by year.There were so many reasons for this situation like the decrease in moral values, increased availability of abortion methods, free availability of porn movies, increase in the number of
pregnancy termination center and the legalisation of abortion in some states etc.. But for the first time since 1975, it has been found that the abortion rate has decreased in the year 2013 and with a total number of 958,700abortions to be exact. This decrease was specifically seen among women in the age group 15-44 to 15 abortions per 1000 women in the year 2011 to 14 in the year 2013. The study conducted by a group of scholar about the reduction in the rate of abortions pointed out by the above study revealed the following facts.

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The first reason they could find out was the increased use of contraceptives by American youth while engaging in sex. This shows the improvement in women’s attitude about pregnancies and their desire to avoid unwanted pregnancies and come out of the dreaded abortion. The abortion restrictions passed by different states have also become a reason for the decrease in abortion rates recently noticed in America. These laws have made it difficult for women to access the necessary abortion services which were splendidly available in every part of the country.

 The implementation of abortion restrictions and the consequent closure of abortion clinics have made parents or the pregnant women to travel to distant places to get the abortions carried out. Statistics show that the 75 percentage of women who opted for abortions belonged to the low income group and they have already become parents. Such women tried to be more vigilant in the use of contraceptives that led them to safety from abortions consequent expenses as they started using contraceptives before every sexual act. Travelling to distant places taking leave and spending money was not imaginable to them as abortion was not covered by any insurance companies.

During the period from 2011 to2014 the numbers of abortions have declined in all regions of America except in the District of Columbia. In the west and south regions the sharpest decline which amounted to 16 % was noticed. In Northeast only 11 % decline was notices and in Midwest it was still lesser and was only 9%. But the study does not show any consistency in the rate of decline and the severity of the restrictions imposed in different states.

Whereas the overall abortion rate has shown sharp decline, the non hospital abortion rate has shown a considerable increase. Medical abortion sin which medical pills are used for carrying out abortions in the house it self or in the clinic or office of a doctor have increased from 24 % relating to the year 2011 to 31 % relating to the year 2014. It accounted to 50 % of the abortions related to the gestation period up to 9 weeks. The study also shows that non surgical abortions in hospitals made use of abortion pills in 87 %cases. It also showed that abortions carried out at home used abortion pills in23 % of cases only.

Another wonderful finding of this study was 95 % of all the abortions that happened in
America were carried out in hospitals or clinics.But there seemed to have no correlation between the number of clinics/hospitals in which abortions were carried out and the total number of abortions that actually took place. This shows that there is some missing of facts somewhere in the study and this will come out only in due course of time.

For example the number of, medical abortion clinics washington in the Middle west declined to 22 %while the decrease in the number of abortions inthe same area was only11%

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