Top 7 Causes Of Obesity

There are numerous causes of obesity that you might be unaware of and are affecting.

How to achieve weight loss results

Here are some main habits that lead you to obesity:

1. Can Be Due to Genetics

You don’t have any unhealthy habits, or you don’t eat more than your limit still obese? Well, in that case, genetics might be playing a role. If your parents are obese then you are likely to be obese even after not having any unhealthy habits. But anyway, you should stick to your healthy diet as it can have a great effect on the expressed genes.

2. A Lot of Junk Food

Another cause of obesity is that you might be consuming a lot of engineered junk food. All these processed foods are much cheaper and taste very well that it gets extremely hard for you to resist. The ingredients used in these foods are combined with some additives that makes them exceptionally tasty. The manufacturers are working on these products to get tastier in order to increase their demand and sale, but it is on the other hand making the consumers to overeat which results in obesity.

3. Not Being Active Physically

Physical activity is an integral part of life. Physical exercise is important and highly related to obesity. People tend to get lazy and stay at home, watch TV and play games, essentially not being involved in any sort of healthy routine. Not being physically active can have negative effect on your body because your body is getting energy in the form of food but is not getting out rather it gets stored in the body as fat. Working out at least 2 hours five times a week in the form of walking, cycling or jogging can improve your body fat and reduce obesity.

4. Not Getting the Right Amount of Sleep

An adequate amount of sleep is essential for your health. Lack of sleep or sleeping too much is one of the major causes of overweight. Less than five hours of sleep is harmful for your health because it can cause your body to consume more calories throughout the day to compensate for the energy it needed when you were sleeping. If you can’t sleep less then sleep more you may think? No, sleeping too much is also a cause of obesity. More than 9 hours of sleep can increase your bodyweight. A substantial amount of rest is required to lead a healthy lifestyle which is 7 to 8 hours.

5. Consuming Beverages

Sodas or alcohol if consumed in large amounts can cause your body to overweight. Not only that they can cause obesity, but they can also host other problems such as heart diseases and other metabolic factors. Sodas have many sweeteners in them which can have your sugar level to get imbalanced. The calories they carry are in immaculate amount and you should reduce the intake of it. Alcohol consumption is beneficial in many ways. Alcohol like red wine especially can help protect your heart issues and even help you lose weight, but excessive drinking is a major obesity habit.

6. Eating While Watching TV

If you have a habit of eating in front of the tv like ordering a takeout while watching Netflix, then there is a 35% chance that you are obese. This is because it is hard to keep track of how much and what to eat while watching your favorite tv shows. This might happen mostly when you are alone at home. If you are planning on eating and watching TV, then decide what to eat and once you get done with your meal, don’t try to get more. You can’t eat all night along with the show for weight loss.

7. Traveling Too Much Via Car

Another obesity habit is that you are travelling everywhere via car. Any sedentary activity is related to obesity and sitting in a car is no exception. Sitting and travelling in a car for more than 3 hours a day can cause your body to gain weight because it sits in a lazy environment. Walking to a nearest store or travelling via public transport is the best alternative.

These obesity doctor need to go for you to start anew and live a happier, healthier obesity free lifestyles.

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