Are ceramic window tints good for your car?

While there are many other car window tint materials to suit your needs, one in specific is the best, quality wise. However, it is not everyone’s first choice because of its high price. Despite that, there are other qualities ceramic tints possess. This is why many people go to window tint shops that specialize in ceramic tinting.

Before moving on however, let us discuss what other car tints exist. There are metallic tints for people who want improved shatter resistance. Hybrid window tints are for those people looking for ordinary looking window tints, etc.

Ceramic tints, on the other hand, possess a number of these qualities. Ceramic nanoparticles are joined together on an adhesive film to form a ceramic film. Since the particles are microscopic, they form a clear car tint.

The benefits of ceramic window tints

The following are all the benefits ceramic car window tints offer.

They block UV rays

All car tints block UV rays. But the amount of UV rays blocked by each car tint materials differ for every material. Ceramic car tints block 99% of the UV rays along with 50% of the solar heat. Such heat reduction properties make ceramic tints one of the best car tint materials.

Since the infrared rays are the main reason behind the car’s getting hot, once they are blocked, your car will stay cooler and more comfortable. This is especially true for summers. Moreover, it also reduces glare and reflection caused by the films. Ceramic tints have the ability to absorb light rays, hence reducing the glare to a great extent.

They are durable

While many car window tints last a good couple of years, they often start to feel when constantly exposed to heat and dust. Once the window tints start bubbling, the owners have to remove them and replace them. However, unlike other car tints, ceramic tints are longer lasting and do not fade over time. This makes them one of the most durable materials for car tints.

They do not block signals

The metal car tints have a lot of great qualities. But one of its major drawbacks is that they end up blocking radio, cell phone and GPS signals. However, this is not true for ceramic tints. Since ceramic tints are not made up of metal particles, they do not block any signals or interfere with them. Hence, you do not have to worry about not being able to make a call from your car.

They are shatter resistance

Most of the other car window tint materials prevent the windows from shattering. However, ceramic tints offer an improved shatter resistance as compared to the rest of the tint materials. This offers more safety to you and your family as the ceramic tints hold up the broken glasses together. Leaving lesser possibility of your shattered windows harming you, ceramic tints make one of the best car window tint materials.

They increase your privacy

Just like shatter resistance, most of the other tints offer increased privacy for your car. But ceramic tints offer more privacy and durability while at the same time giving you a clear view of the outside.

All these qualities not only ensure less damage during a road accident but also help prevent other accidents like burglaries.

Bonus tip

Another added benefit of using ceramic tints is that it increases your car’s value so if you ever sell it, it will sell at a higher price. While all of these qualities do add to the price of the window tint itself, it also ensures great quality. Hence you should not be focusing on the price but look at what it will offer you. For this, always choose the most reliable car window tinting shop Springfield in town.

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