How many types of cranes are there?

Cranes are extremely powerful and heavy equipment movers which is used for lowering, lifting, and transporting various machinery with the aid of pulleys and cables. They are used very commonly in manufacturing and construction industry. However, did you know? There is a wide variety in cranes.

The construction industry utilizes different types of cranes for different purposes. Usually, they happen to be one of the most important aspect of any big construction project. Basically, they are used because they make work very easy. Since they make all the hard work so easy, they are very commonly employed to lift heavy objects. 

Different types of cranes out there

Cranes are not just used in the construction industry. Rather, they are also suitable to lift fallen trees, containers, and other heavy objects. There are at least 12 different types of cranes that are employed in the industries. However, we will talk about the ones that are most commonly used.  

Floating cranes 

These cranes are also revered to as a crane ship. Another alternative name for these is floating crane. Mostly, these are used for construction off-shore and are used to lift very heavy objects. Sometimes, they can lift sunken ships and other structures from inside water. However, they are fixed to the deck. As a result of this, rotation is not possible. Though, they have a very high lifting capacity which usually goes up to 9000 tons. 

Telescopic cranes 

A telescopic crane has large booms that feature a number of tubes fitted inside each other. As a result of this, they can extend out to lengthy distances via the use of hydraulic systems

In specific, telescopic cranes are great are transporting goods from one point to another. Furthermore, they are also used to transport goods from the ground to platforms high above the ground, and vice versa. Sometimes, firefighters and rescue fighters often use them in emergency situations. 

Harbour cranes 

Harbour cranes are also referred to as a port harbour crane. They are usually used at sea ports, and they transport goods off from the ships such as containers. They are extremely flexible in their usage and are very powerful. This means that they are easily transport containers with great ease. 

Crawler crane

A crawler crane has a wide range of disadvantages and advantages based on its usage. Mainly, their biggest advantage is that they can move on all types of surfaces. Furthermore, they can also be used on soft soils. 

The main disadvantage of crawler cranes is that they are very heavy and can only move across tracks. As a result of this, it costs a lot to transfer them from one point to the next. Though, by employing trucks, they can be moved relatively quickly. 

Rough terrain cranes 

Rough terrain cranes make use of 4 rubber tires. These cranes are used mostly for off-road applications. At the same time, they also make use of outriggers for stabilization. Furthermore, they contain a single engine which is used for the crane and undercarriage. 

They are preferred over normal vehicle mounted cranes for off-road construction. This is because in such cases, a normal vehicle mounter crane could not be used. 

Ending note 

are indeed very important to lift heavy objects in a wide range of industries. Without them, one simply cannot perform a wide range of tasks. Since they are of many different types, before you get a crane for rent MD, you must know which one is suitable for you. After all, every type of crane as a different purpose and use case (which changes in every scenario). Hence, the world of cranes is not as simple as you may expect. 


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