Brainwashing Techniques by Fox News

We live in a world dominated and influenced by cable network and reality programs. Imagine what will happen when the most popular and biggest network channel like Fox News makes its audience believe that climate change is not real or Barack Obama is a Muslim and was not born in the US. There is no truth in these claims, yet the ‘loyal’ audience upholds these views. This happens because Fox News and other like-minded media organizations adopt certain techniques to brainwash their viewers.

  • Fox considers in creating panic among the audience as soon as they wake up. It could range from recession to terror attacks. Why create panic? The reason is people do not think rationally when they are scared. And this leads people to believe in anything they see.
  • A serious debate on topics like climate change or anti-racism takes centrestage when media host rope themselves in this debate. This can be annoying when the audience is trying to follow an argument. It can involve scheming methods so that one team could accuse the other of starting it first.
  • During debate on television, we often see guests bullying and yelling at one another. This works well on those who lack self-confidence or do not have a good grasp of the subject being discussed. When the audience sees this, they get impressed and start believing in the speaker who shows more self-confidence.
  • One of the best technique is to create confusion during an argument. At the same time be firm of the facts being presented and drop a hint saying that whosoever disagrees is dumb or Those who lack self-confidence or belong to a group often get confused, thus authenticating the claims made by those who started the argument.
  • When a certain news or fact is presented repetitively and consistently, it creates a psychological effect on the audience. For instance, ‘Barack Obama was not born in the US’. People tend to believe this information and accept it as the truth.
  • Fox believes in attacking their opponents by going after a person’s purpose, intelligence, character, etc. Such media organizations also attack the ideas of people who are labeled as liberals, progressives, etc. This does not leave any room for discussing the idea further.
  • If you are associated or related to a communist in anyways, then you will be considered a communist who intends to destroy Many FOX anchors bring this link up in order to win the discussion. Or, they will deflect from the topic by talking about the current situation, how one has reached this stage, etc.

Not having a sincere, fair and rational debate before the media audience will corrupt the American democracy.

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