Can You Straighten Up A Tree

It is quite common for trees to lean in one direction upon experiencing extreme weather conditions such as extreme rain, snowfall, and thunderstorms. If the tree in question is small, you wouldn’t have to put in much effort to straighten it up. However, if it is relatively larger, you will need to put in a few hours or let arborist services do it. However, there is no need to panic, we are here to share some tips that will help you correct tree posture. Let’s begin!

When To Straighten A Leaning Tree?

Straightening a tree and ensuring that it stands up straight is important especially if it is a young one. A tree severely leaning to one side can affect its growth. However, mature trees are quite strong and can withstand extreme weather conditions. They rarely lean to one side. In fact, in most cases, they get uprooted due to their heavy weight.

With that said, the best time to straighten a tree is when the soil is moist and pliable, which is the case in the spring season. If you plan to straighten a tree in the summer, you should use a garden house to make the soil more pliable.


Drive The Stakes Into The Ground

The first step of the straightening process requires installing two or three wooden or metal stakes using a mallet or sledgehammer around the perimeter of the tree outside the root ball area. If the tree is planted in an area where the wind blows predominantly from one direction, you will need to install the stakes on the upwind side so that the tree is able to withstand the force of the winds.

Then, drive the stakes at a 45-degree angle into the ground towards the tree trunk. The stakes are installed depending on the tree’s age. Therefore, if you are working on a smaller tree, you should not drive the stakes too deep. The stakes will need to be removed once the roots have matured.

Push The Tree Upright

Making a tree stand straight is going to be easy as long as the soil is wet and pliable. Therefore, you should use a garden house to wet the soil a little if it is too hard. Once the soil is wet, you should push the tree to stand upright by applying pressure from the trunk. If possible, get a friend or a family member to help you as well.

If you observe that the root ball has shifted significantly, you will need a hand winch attached to a tree along with a sturdy anchor point to ensure that the tree is able to stand up. Since you will be applying pressure from the trunk, make sure that you apply steady pressure. Once the tree is upright, compact the soil around the tree thoroughly so that the root ball is shifted back to its place.

Secure The Tree To The Stakes

To stake trees, you can buy special traps that are easily available at hardware stores. These straps contain holes through which the supporting wire is passed and, in the end, it is only the straps that come in contact with the tree trunk.

Keep in mind that you should always use supporting wires made for the purpose and using some other type may damage the tree trunk and lead to tree diseases and pests. Next, grab some cables or ropes that will be used to tie the tree to the stakes. However, finding the perfect location for the ropes to go along the trunk can be slightly tricky.

The ropes need to be low enough to allow the tree’s canopy to sway but also high enough that the trunk can sway lightly as well. In addition to that, the ropes should also allow some flexibility and space to the trunk for some movement.

Once the tree is successfully anchored, leave it to rest for a year. During this time, the roots will properly establish and the tree will stand upright again. Plus, you can also make adjustments along the way if needed.

Final Word

Straightening a tree takes time and a lot of effort. With small trees, you are not putting yourself at risk. However, with larger trees, you have to consider several factors and need multiple helping hands. However, if the tree is about to fall and you’re looking to remove it, look for tree removal companies Potomac.

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