What To Do If My Rug Is Too Big

Have you ever been in a situation where you bought a traditional rug, not taking care of the dimensions, and got a rug that was too big for your room? Here are some things you can do to salvage that oversized area rug.

Cut And Seal

One of the most common answers you will get when you want to use an oversized rug because either you don’t want to return it or the store doesn’t have a return policy. So, instead of throwing the rug in the trash and saying goodbye to your spent money, it’s better to have it resized and resealed. You can easily do this by yourself or you can call in a professional to do the work for you.

First of all, you will need appropriate tools for cutting the rug seamlessly and effortlessly. You will need a sharp rolling cutter that will cut the rug from where it is too big. You can also use carpet scissors which look very much like small gardening shears, but they are sharp and it almost feels like cutting a piece of paper with safety scissors.

Before cutting the rug, you need to first measure the rug. The measurements of the perimeter of the room and the rug have to be the same. So, take your time when measuring the rug for altering. Once the rug is measured, you can mark the place off from where you want to cut the rug, and then you can grab your cutter and cut the rug as straight as you can.

Afterward, the frayed edges of the rugs need to be sealed. Otherwise, the frayed edges will start to weaken and then the whole kilim rug will be ruined. To seal the freshly cut edges of the rug in place, use normal carpet adhesive, which is available in any supermarket or craft store, with a paintbrush. Make sure that it is applied in a thin and even layer and then you let it dry for a couple of hours. After the time is up, your rug is ready to be put in place and now your rug will be a perfect fit for your room.

Layer It Up

If you want, you can also layer the area rug with other floor drapes and accessories to hide the oversized bulge in your carpet. This is very easy to do. All you need is your creativity and you are good to go. If you have woolen area rugs that need some use around the house, this is the perfect place to put them in.

The area rug will hide the oversized carpet and although it might seem like a temporary solution, you can leave it as is and your room will look very cozy and layered up. Try this tip out for yourself, if you like the look, then you don’t need to change it at all.

Redesign The Interior

This is also something you can do to hide or camouflage an oversized rug without having to break out the shears. This involves redesigning the interior and layout of the room where the rug is. You can move the sofas and bigger shelves towards the wall and ends of the room so that they can hide the oversized rug. You can also fold the sides of the rug that are too big and you can hide the evidence with big couches and shelves propped up against the perimeter.

Prevent It, If Possible

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of trying to hide the oversized rug, then it’s better to measure the room and its dimensions before you go and buy a rug for your room. This will save you a lot of time and unnecessary effort. If you are having problems trying to measure the room, have someone help you and take the measurements a couple of times to get the right dimensions right to the T.


There you have it! Now your oversized rug is not a waste of space and you can use it easily for your room after altering the rug to your desired size. That being said, you can head to Persian rug stores Northern VA for finding the correct sized rug for your house as well.

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