Everything About Tooth Bridge You Should Know

Teeth are the natural ornaments of human personality, but unfortunately, not everyone takes good care of them. As a result, “things” start happening to them and they gradually lose their beauty. Thankfully, there’s the option of a tooth bridge to make things right.

One of common teeth problems include a gap between teeth. Either, it can be natural or it can be a result of removal of one or two teeth. Either way, the missing gap diminishes your personality

What Is A Tooth Bridge?

A tooth bridge (or dental bridge) can fill your teeth gap. If more than two teeth are missing, then you may have to consider the option of a support bridge.


Dental bridge comes in many forms. Usually, metallic alloys are the cheapest options but due to their metallic nature, they won’t fit quite lovely with the new teeth (in terms of smiling). Metallic alloys can get the job done but they do not look like your real teeth.

Ceramic and porcelain teeth bridges are also available but they are a little expensive (because of their design)

What Should You Prefer?

In most cases, the best material for your teeth depends upon how much money are you willing to sacrifice for your health. Also, position of teeth matters in selecting the material.

People of family dentistry, mostly try to opt for a hybrid scheme. This consists of a ceramic or porcelain fused on a metallic base. It will serve its purpose but may lose its aesthetics over time.


Dental treatment works on the principle of “the more sugar you add, the sweeter it will taste.”

Typically, dental bridge costs between the range of $500 – $1200 per artificial tooth. Considering a number of factors, your cost will vary from place to place.

  • Sometimes, people of family dentistry have to perform additional treatments, such as root canal on a tooth to perform a dental bridge. This brings additional costs towards the dental procedure.
  • Depending from state – state, rates may vary, more or less.
  • Complexity increases costs (for example, it is costly for people of family dentistry to implement an implant supported bridge as compared to a crown supported bridge).

Ways of Implementation

There are two ways to implement a dental bridge.

  • Fixed bridge
  • Bonded bridge

Fixed Bridge

This is the most common technique of replacing one or two adjacent teeth. Initially, anchor teeth are prepared which supports the crown. Afterwards, dental impression is taken which is sent to laboratory for preparation of permanent dental bridge. Meanwhile, your dentist may give you a temporary dental bridge.

Bonded Bridge

This technique is utilized when only one teeth needs to be replaced. This type of bridge has metallic wings which are bonded towards the inner side of adjacent teeth.

The coolest thing about bonded bridge is that it has the advantage of preserving healthy adjacent teeth. The not so cool fact about bonded bridge is that it is not as strong as a fixed bridge. Overtime, it may wear away, causing the bridge to become loose. You should visit the best dental clinic.

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