Can allergy symptoms make you tired?

Most people automatically start thinking about allergy symptoms like sneezing, itchy eyes, runny nose etc, when they just remember about allergies or when they hear the word seasonal allergy. But such people usually do not think about sinus pain, fatigue, asthma etc as these symptoms are not very popular among the masses as allergy symptoms. Allergy symptoms cause itchy eyes and lead to daytime fatigue and unpleasant sleep that compel people to run to a fall allergy clinic near me. Irritability, depression, memory problems   and decreased productivity are the products of tiredness.

If you always feel tired, it is better to get control over your allergies. Consult an allergist and understand the type of allergy and try not to come in contact with the allergens as far as possible. Antihistamines and leukoterines are suitable for controlling the symptoms of  . If they are found to be ineffective, one can go for allergy shots. One should also understand that antihistamines always causes drowsiness and this can be the reason for the drowsiness associated with seasonal allergies.

How allergy makes one tired?

When airborne chemicals come into contact with your nasal cavity, they react by releasing chemical that cause inflammation of the nose. Nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing etc are experienced as a result of the nasal congestion caused by these chemicals. The overall affect of the above symptoms is the narrowing of the air passage and subsequent difficulties experienced in the night sleep. Some people experience seasonal allergies where as there are millions of people who suffer from year-round symptoms of allergies. Indoor allergens like pet dander, mites, dust etc are the culprits in year-round symptoms of allergy.

Tips to improve sleep

The first thing is to  understand before allergy clinic near me  and trying  to improve your sleeplessness is  to understand the type of allergy experienced and avoid exposure to the allergens.  Consulting with an allergist will help you to find out the allergen. Cleaning your bedroom and keeping informed about the local broadcast about pollen count etc will be very helpful.

During nigh time one can supplement the allergy medications with nasal strips which will help you to keep your nasal passage open during sleep. Even if you feel extremely tired as a result of allergy, these strips will not get tired and will provide the intended benefit.

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