How Do I Stop My Walk-In Freezer From Icing Up

A walk-in freezer that constantly ices up can be a frustrating issue. Most often, it is moisture getting into the freezer and causing ice buildup on walls, ceilings, and floors. In the case of your walk-in freezer icing up, it will affect the performance of your unit as it can impact its efficiency. So, performing walk in cooler repair ASAP is critical. Let’s take a look into how you can stop your walk-in freezer from icing up along with the potential causes.

Why Do Walk-In Coolers Ice Up?

When it comes to troubleshooting a walk-in freezer that ices up every now and then, there could be several reasons contributing to the issue. First off, it could be that its door was left open. Staff of restaurants often keep the door open for long durations while restocking the freezer, which could cause moisture to enter inside. As a result, the air will lead to icing up.

Also, it could also be due to a faulty pressure relief port. The reason is that a pressure relief system is installed in the walk-in cooler to avoid pressure buildup. If you observe that the door has suddenly become difficult to open, it means the vent might have failed.

Moreover, a malfunctioning gasket could also be another reason causing the freezer to ice up. If the gaskets tend to be damaged or old, the freezer may not form a seal properly and allow outside air to enter. Therefore, you will need to check the gaskets for any cracks or damage.

Moving on, if you own a relatively old unit, it could be that the door along with the hinges has turned weak. Faulty hinges and other door components can prevent the door itself from closing properly. It could also be that the roller on the door closer can’t attach to the hook.

What Are The Damages Of Ice Build-Up?

There is no doubt that a walk-in freezer can cause significant damage to your freezer. The constant freezing and melting of the ice could cause the water to enter the unit and damage the internal components. This is specifically true for the evaporator fan as ice buildup can prevent the fan from rotating properly.

At the same time, if the outside air is making its way inside your freezer, the unit will have to fight harder to maintain the desired temperature. This will cause the unit to increase the utilization of electricity, leading to higher energy bills each month.

How To Prevent Walk-In Freezer Ice Build-Up?

Preventing your walk-in cooler from icing up is far easier than solving the issue. The first step is that you should perform regular walkarounds and inspections of the walk in cooler to spot anything unusual. During the inspection, you should closely check out the gaskets and rubbers for any damages or cracks, etc.

At the same time, you should also check for signs of water and ice in the insulation panels. You need to make sure that the pressure relief port is working properly by unscrewing the faceplates installed on both the exterior and interior while clearing away any ice in the way.

In addition to that, if you are using a walk-in freezer in your restaurant, you should train and educate your employees on how to use and clean the freezer. If needed, the freezer might also need defreezing to keep it running smooth and trouble-free for years to come.

Should I Hire A Professional To Fix My Freezer?

Walk-in freezers are not that complicated but can surely be tricky for those who do not understand the basics along with the technicalities. As long as identifying the freezer problems go, you can do that on your own but when it comes to fixing the issue, you should consult a professional.

Keep in mind that the walk-in cooler comprises several different parts and you can easily end up injuring yourself and damaging expensive components. This is why you should not take chances and keep it safe and secure by hiring a professional.

Final Word

In the end, fixing an icing walk-in freezer is easy in most cases. However, you need to be aware of the potential causes first. Consider the tips mentioned above if you are facing the same issue and consult commercial refrigerator services if the problems seem complicated. topac

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