How Do You Remove A Tree Without A Chainsaw

Trees are an important part of our importance and survival will become difficult without trees. They provide oxygen, shade, aesthetic appeal and reduce global warming. More and more trees should be planted but sometimes it becomes absolutely necessary to cut down a tree either by yourself or by hiring arborist services.

Why Does A Tree Need To Be Cut Down?

There can be many reasons for tree removal:

  • The location is not right
  • Aesthetically it is not looking good
  • It is insect infested, diseased, sick, old or dying
  • It has been severely damaged by a storm
  • It is causing safety problems

Is chainsaw the only way to cut down a tree?

No, it is not the only way but it is a quick process and used by professional arborists.

Can You Cut Down A Tree Without A Chainsaw?

Yes, you can with an axe and safety measures and proper planning.

Follow the steps below to remove a tree without a chainsaw:

  1. First things first, you need to have some knowledge about trees, tree cutting and tree felling. It is not as easy as 1, 2, 3 but requires prior experience or you can hurt yourself badly or your surroundings. You should also know how to use and control an axe and other tree cutting tools.
  2. You will need protective clothing to keep yourself safe. Make sure to wear sturdy leather boots, leather gloves, a protective helmet, safety goggles and protective gear. Once you are done with this you can proceed with the planning.
  3. Other things you will require: a big strong rope, a marker, and an axe.
  4. Now you need to see where you want your tree to fall. The area should be big and clear so as to not harm anyone or anything. Another important thing to consider is that the side of your tree which has most branches or is on the heavier side or has a lean will be preferred for felling because it will automatically fell in the heavier direction.
  5. Next step is to clear the area completely. There should be no one and nothing surrounding the area. Move away things such as benches or stones or any other stuff. People should not be over there or any other stuff that could get hurt or damaged in the process of tree removal.
  6. The next step is to mark an area for the notch. Take an axe and cut at an angle of 45 degrees around 1/3rd of the bark. Now make a cut horizontally such that its end should meet the end of the previous cut and make a notch like a tilted V shape. Take out the piece of the bark that is cut in a notch. This notch should be done on the side where you want the tree to fall.
  7. On the opposite end make a cut with an axe horizontally but a little lower than the notch. The cut should be almost 3/4th of the tree bark. Cut till the tree begins to lean a little in the shape of the notch.
  8. Once you are done with the cut and notch, you should run away or else the tree may fall. Yell “timber” loudly and run. You can also tie a rope and attach it tightly to a pole and then tell someone to hold it at one end then pull so the tree can fall down.
  9. Once the tree has fallen down you can load it on a tractor and drop it at your designated place. Or you can cut the tree into pieces and then load in a tractor.

This is an easy and a no mistake way to remove a tree without the use of a chainsaw. You just need to be careful and take safety measures.

Hire Tree Removal Services

Tree cutting is a difficult and time-consuming task. Even a small mistake can risk the life of the person cutting the tree, people surrounding the area, and can damage the property. Doing it yourself may save you money, but any accident during the process may cost you more money. So, it’s wise to let tree cutting services Maryland cut down the tree in your property safely and soundly.

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