What to do when your AC runs into issues

Can you see your AC running into some unknown issues? If yes, then chances are that you would have already considered calling in some suitable air conditioner repair services. However, even before you call any expert for help, there are certain precautions that you must take on your own.

You see, you will eventually call an AC repair service. However, what steps should you immediately take when you see your AC not working correctly? Would it be safe to keep running the air conditioner?

In this article, we will answer all these questions and also give you some more information that will help you determine the best course of action.

Issues with your air conditioner

Well, sometimes when the air conditioner suddenly stops working, it is very difficult for one to figure out what the issue is. Without proper knowledge of how air conditioner works and tips to troubleshoot it, one cannot possibly determine what is wrong.

Air conditioners can end up running into a wide range of issues. For instance, sometimes the condenser coils end up freezing. These coils are present in the outdoor unit of your air conditioner. When these coils freeze, they stop working. And the primary reason why this happens is poor flow of air in the cooling system. Along with that, low levels of refrigerators also result in freezing of the coils.

But of course, how would you determine that the coils are frozen just by looking at the outer components of your air conditioner? From the outside, all that you can sense is that your air conditioner is not working correctly.

Let us discuss how you can troubleshoot it.

Troubleshooting your air conditioner

Sometimes, simple troubleshooting resolves the issue on its own. So, you do not always have to call repair services or maintenance experts. To troubleshoot the air conditioner, check the temperature in your room and then on the thermostat of the air conditioner.

Also, make sure that the electrical connections are active to rule out the possibility of an electrical failure. Similarly, take out the filters of the air conditioner and check for any signs of dirt or blockages. Do not forget to check for any potential drainage problems or leakages also.

However, if none of these work, then perhaps it is time for you to considering calling an expert who will inspect your air conditioner from within to see what could be wrong.

Shut your system down

Once you realize that there is some internal problem with your air conditioner, there is no point of running it. At this point, you should simply shut your HVAC unit down and ensure that it is not turned on until a serviceman is called.

Shutting down your HVAC system at the first sign of a performance issue is very important. This will help you in preventing further damage to the HVAC unit. At the same time, it is a precautionary measure that can prevent fires and a total equipment shutdown.


We hope that you now understand all the basics of HVAC and the things that you need to do before calling an expert. Of course, the first step would be troubleshooting. However, once you have tried that and not succeeded, then do not try to probe into it further.

When laymen try to inspect the air conditioners from within, they often end up damaging one or more components. And that is something that you do not want. So, just sit back and wait for some suitable AC repair services Plainview to arrive. Once the experts are here, just let them know about the issues and they will do the rest.

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