How Does A Hammerhead Crane Work

When it comes to construction, hammerhead cranes are amongst the most popular types in the construction industry. They are precise, able to lift heavy loads, can carry a wide range of materials, and recommended by crane services. In this blog, we are going to discuss the hammerhead crane in detail and especially how it works. Let’s begin!

Hammerhead Tower Crane Specifications

As mentioned earlier, the hammerhead tower crane allows project managers to achieve extreme precision while carrying and shifting extremely heavy loads. Additionally, these cranes are tough, reliable, and durable since replacing and repairing parts on a regular basis is an expensive task.

Furthermore, a hammerhead crane also allows you to “rack” the crane. This means that the trolley moves both in and out while the load is suspended but without altering the load level. Since the hammerhead crane provides a precise horizontal movement of the load, it is the most preferred choice for many construction projects.

The capability and ability of the hammerhead cranes to precisely lift and move heavy loads is due to unique features that are rarely found in other cranes. For instance, the first chief feature is the modular design. Such designs offer a much quicker, safer, and efficient erection along with the transportation of the crane.

Then, comes the ergonomic operator cab. Crane operators spend almost the entire day operating the machine and it is only right that they are comfortable and stress-free at all times. Therefore, the cabins are mostly equipped with features like climate control, easy-to-read display panels, and a clear view of the surrounding.

Talking about the security, safety, and quality features, there is no compromise when it comes to hammerhead cranes. These cranes are built from durable, tough, and extremely long-lasting parts that can withstand extreme weather conditions. Moreover, the safety and security features allow the crane to track movements in its surroundings to avoid any fatalities on the ground.

Tower Crane Specifications

Hammerhead cranes come in different sizes and shapes to suit different types of construction projects. If the construction project is going on in an area where there is limited maneuverability, you will be needing a slightly smaller hammerhead crane. Plus, the height of the hammerhead crane should be atleast 10 to 15m above the maximum height of the building.

Hammerhead Type Tower Crane

Hammerhead cranes have continuously evolved over time. Today, you have a rotary hydraulic jacking hammerhead type tower crane that is used to hoist and transport machinery. It also features the latest technology such as group technology and combinatorial design technique.

The hammerhead type tower crane is essentially an upper rotary hydraulic jacking crane featuring a trolley mechanism and horizontal boom. It has a maximum aptitude of 47m and the maximum lifting moment is 43.8 t.m.

Additionally, this crane comes with a simple structure, attractive appearance, and reliable performance along with advanced safety features to make it extremely safe for use. Therefore, it is proven to be the best choice for small and medium-sized construction enterprises.

Use Cases Of A Hammerhead Crane

Hammerhead cranes are specifically designed for ease of transportation, excellent maneuverability, and the ability to lift extremely heavy loads with ease. Not only that, the operator cabins are comfortable, weather-resistant, and allow the operator a 360-degree view of the entire construction project. And since the quality is top-notch, there is hardly any match in terms of reliability and durability.

What Is The Cost Of A Hammerhead Crane?

Then again, the cost of hammerhead cranes varies based on the type and size. Different hammerhead cranes have different types of engines and features to support them. Therefore, if your construction needs a relatively bigger sized hammerhead crane, expect the price to be on the higher side.

Plus, to operate a hammerhead crane, you need a professional operator who carries a license and is certified. Cranes can easily cause serious fatalities to people on the ground and it is important that only those who have previously operated such cranes are chosen for the job.

Final Word

Concluding, hammerhead tower cranes are popular for all the right reasons. If you have a construction project that involves moving extremely heavy loads, then a hammerhead crane will be a perfect choice. However, to opt for the perfect size from crane rentals DC, it is important that you define your needs and preferences.

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