How To Cut Down A Small Tree

Whether you are thinking about cutting down a tree yourself, through a tree cutting company or local tree service, you need to understand that the step of preparation, including choices of tools, the primary understanding of the process and hazards are all critical.

Small tree cutting

They are also complex ideas that will need to be thoroughly reached. We hope that you have read up our other articles on the subject that inform you on these topics. Now we will begin the process of cutting down the tree.

Expert tips from tree cutting technicians

1. Fixing the Ladder

Placing the ladder correctly is not as easy as you think. You need to make sure that the ladder doesn’t slip off that is common because tree trunks are oblong. You will either make a hook on to the tree where you will keep the ladder, or you will hang the top step of the ladder onto a branch that is strong enough to hold it. You can also wrap the ladder with a rope to the tree trunk.

2. Building a Pulley

You will either build a small pulley that will take things up and down all the time, or you will make several trips down the ladder every two minutes. You will make a makeshift pulley with ropes and a carabiner that will hang from one of the strong branches close to your ladder.

3. Don’t Stand on the Tree

Now we are supposed to tell you about how to build steps on the tree and how to make a foothold. But we firmly believe that these tasks should be adequately learned and with deliberate practice like with a tree cutter company or local tree service. No one should try them alone after reading a blog post. Cut all the branches using your ladder and only trust your ladder for standing up if you want to avoid injury.

4. Arm Rest

When you are using saw to cut through wood, your arms get tired pretty quickly; the good thing is, you can use them without lifting them fully up. Settle on your ladder in a way that you are always in between ladder steps. The ladder step close to your arm can work as your armrest.

5. Rope Control

According to local tree services, when you are cutting branches, you will make sure that you control the way they fall. But if they fall without the guidance of a rope, then they can damage your property or cause problems.  We are going to avoid giving you long tutorials in a blog post. Just keep an eye out for when one last cut from the saw will severe the branch. Before you start cutting, tie the rope to the branch tightly and hold the other end.

Once you are on the last cut from the saw and the branch is going to come off; tug the rope properly towards the spot where you want the branch to fall. There are a few points to remember:

Do not haggle too much with the branch while you are on the ladder; you can fall and get severely injured.

Do not try to pull the branch or control the branch’s weight in any way. Your arm will get injured.

You can only control the direction of the fall with the rope; it is not a way to move the branch too much. Do not swing the rope too much when the branch is coming off.

6. Cutting

There are three main types of logs that you will cut:

  1. Light branches: A simple bone saw is enough; reciprocating saw will tire your arm too soon.
  2. Heavy Branches: Use a reciprocating saw to make cuts at angles and bow saw to make the final blows.
  3. Trunk: If you have a chainsaw handy; now is the time to take it out. Trunks are not too easy to cut with a reciprocating saw. Chainsaws are safe for this cutting.


  1. The first advice is that take the process seriously. These are dangerous equipment that should be used with care.
  2. Use goggles, gloves, shoes with tied laces and ear muffs. Protect yourself well and seriously.
  3. Work in the morning and avoid moving around too much when you are on the ladder.
  4. Avoid standing on the tree and move out of the way when wood falls.

We wish you, you and the tree cutting chevy chase md best of luck!

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