How To Repair A Pool Wall

Although pool walls are designed to last for years but eventually, they crack and pose a potential threat of collapsing. If your swimming pool has cracks, it is suggested that you steer clear of swimming. At this point, even a minor crack can lead to something bigger and you need to get it immediately fixed by a pool contractor. Therefore, in this article, we are going to discuss how a pool wall can be repaired so that you can get back inside in no time.

Causes Of Pool Wall Damage

There are many reasons contributing to the pool wall being cracked or collapsing. The first major factor might be that the soil underneath features expansive properties and when it absorbs moisture, it swells. As a result, the bloated soil forces the footplates and handrails upward, collapsing the pool wall. Furthermore, soil tends to expand comparatively more in cold temperatures and during heavy rains as well. On the other hand, dry soil contracts causing the ground beneath the pool to shift. If you have filled your pool with water till the top when the temperatures are frigid, the water inside an attached skimmer might freeze as well. Even if the water level manages to drop, the ice attached to the skimmer pulls the wall down as well.


If the problem with your pool and the ground underneath is related to the expansion or contraction of the soil. It will fix itself and the wall will straighten up. However, if the pool has a lot of expansive soil underneath that contracts due to moisture, then it is going to need a brace underneath or removal of the soil is the only solution. Furthermore, removing the dirt around the handrails and footplates is going to pop the wall back into place as well. Additionally, watering around the pool during dry seasons is also going to prevent soil contraction.

On the other hand, if the wall has collapsed due to a frozen skimmer, the changes in pool pressure during a thaw should fix it. Moreover, light pressure from the inside of the wall maybe required to straighten it manually. If you observe that the will did not go back into place, you will have to reduce the water up to 6 inches and then push the wall back into shape from the inside. And since you will not be using the pool during the winter season, cover the skimmer, which will prevent water from getting into it.

Repairing A Pool Wall

If the above-mentioned steps failed to work, you will need a bit of guidance to help fix the problem permanently. To repair a pool wall, the first thing you need to do is remove all the items including toys and the vacuum creeper, etc. Furthermore, remove any items like floating chairs as well. Then, turn off the pool’s filter along with the heater.

Now place a sump pump near the shallow end of the pool and set the siphoning hose in the pool and allow the pool to drain just below the level of the damaged area. If you find that the damage is halfway down the deep end of the pool, you should not attempt to repair it yourself, instead, call a professional.

Once the water level has been achieved, remove the sump pump along with the siphoning hose from the pool. Then, unbox the pool repair kit and apply a patch to the damaged area. Following the instruction manual, fill the crack or hole entirely. Make sure to cover a bit of the surrounding area as well and let it dry for 12 to 24 hours. Apply a thick coat of pool epoxy using a paintbrush and let it cure for 7 to 14 days. Once the patch has dried, refill the pool and turn the heater on.

Final Word

This article aimed to help you fix your collapsed or cracked wall. If the situation is serious, you might want to call a professional. Although fixing a cracked wall or the expansive soil underneath is easy but it is something that only the experienced get right. So, hire reliable pool builders Long Island who have experience repairing swimming pools. You can get quotes from multiple contractors to decide.

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