Seven simple steps to get a good job

Are you urgently in need of a job or are you wondering how to get a good job? Most people think that only thing one can do to get a good job is submitting resume and waiting for the luck to come.   This is an utterly foolish way of thinking. It is not easy to get a good job, but it is not very difficult also. In this article I am going to discuss seven simple steps which if followed by a job aspirant it will make his task easier and he will be lucky enough to get the job matching to his dreams and aspirations.

Who will hire you?

The first thing in this task is to find out who will be the person you are going to hire for a post?   A highly qualified candidate or another one without much formal education, but with substantial ability in the field of work he has to do? While answering the question remember that appointments are given not to papers, but people who are capable of carrying out the tasks allotted to them.  So evaluate whether you are having the right attitude or not?  If you have the right attitude you can overcome all your competitors and get selected to the job you are applying for.

Be friendly

First of understand that a friendly person is most liked by everyone and such a person will easily get a new job also. If you are a good person some managers may hire you thinking that you are manageable. If you are not justifiable for the post, you may be given some other suitable jobs if you are an easy going and friendly person. A smiling face will get the first chance than an angry or moody face.

Make first contact

Submitting resume does not reach you anywhere as every other person also has submitted his resume. Call the company office and see whether you can talk to the person in charge of the hiring. If you get an opportunity, use this to ask some genuine questions about the company and try to build a rapport with the hiring manager through this casual talk. During this talk or in between you can collect more information about the type of the person the company is looking for. If you are serious and ambitious you can walk through their gate and meet the hiring manager. This will show your attitude as a go getter.

Dress the part

Most people think that wearing a suit is essential when you are for an interview. This is not always so.  Some hiring managers do not like this idea. Try to understand what dress is suitable for the interview in the company you are going to. No matter what you are wearing you have to be dress sharp.

Try to understand the company

Before applying to a company you need to do some homework. From their website secure all the information needed for you. If they have a motto, try to understand it and change your attitude accordingly. Your aim in this search should be to find out what type of employee they are looking for?

How to face the interview?

When you are facing the interview make sure that you have properly prepared for it. A good candidate should be able to show before the interviewers that he knows about the company and the job he is expected to do. He will be knowing the competitors of the company and will be asking to know whether the company is planning to explore new markets or other venues of business expansion. These questions will show that you are a genuine candidate interested not only in your career, but also in the growth of the company.

Do some work for the company

It will be very good, if you have already done some work for the company   to show some of your new ideas about the company . If it is ready, you can give it to the company to show your interest in the job as well as the company which will be a clear demonstration of your preparedness to work and readiness to serve the company.

If you follow these tips it will be much easier for you to get the job  you are applying for without much difficulty or delay.

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