What are the common problems faced by tree service providers

For garden improvement house owners usually add trees and shrubs. These items are capable of creating wonderful appearance to the garden.  But it is very important to maintain these trees and shrubs properly for retaining the appearance in the beginning. Best option for entrusting this item of work will be a local tree service company.  By appointing them you are getting expert opinion, advice and service in the most important area of your daily life. Let us examine some such areas.

Tree care -All you need to know

Powdery mildew is one problem found with trees for which the tree services will be helpful in dealing with it.       This issue usually occurs in summer and is caused by poor air circulation and dryness felt at the roots. This problem is usually seen on oaks, catalpas and maples. This issue can be eliminated by mulching and by not using high nitrogen-products.

Drought stress

Drought stress is another issue that can be eliminated by tree service experts. If trees are not watered abundantly it can result in draught stress. Early falling color, tree decline, leaf browning, increase in diseases insect problems etc can be considered as the symptoms of drought stress. With the help of tree service professionals this problem can be put under control.

Nutrient deficiency

Some trees are not suited to the native soil and this can lead to nutrient deficiency. Iron, manganese, micro nutrients etc often becomes insufficient in some places for some trees.  Inadequacy of nutrients can lead to yellowing of the trees either partially or completely, less fruit production as well as flower production, stunted growth etc.  Fortunately for all these problems there are solutions. Tree service agencies are the fittest person to carry out necessary action for supplementing nutrient deficiency in trees. With their help trees can be encouraged to grow properly, strongly and healthy.

Pest infestation

Pest infestation is a common issue faced by many trees and homeowners can see it visibly and experience their severity in some cases. Often the reason for pest infestation is considered as mal-pruning of trees. This makes backyard and garden unsafe for children where there can be trees with pest infection. Another important problem is that pests growing on trees can also become causes for human diseases. Tree experts can manage this situation and help the homeowners to make their gardens and plantation look much attractive.

Soil pH compaction

Soil pH is an indication of the acidity or  basicity  of the soil. A slurry of soil mixed with water or a salt solution is taken for finding the acidity of a particular soil. Soil pH of 7 is considered as normal, soil pH above 7 is considered as acidic in nature and soil pH below 7 is considered as alkaline in nature. The pH of above 7 can be reduced by adding acidic agents to the soil. Elemental sulphur is a material used for this purpose. Using finely ground agricultural lime can increase the acidity of soil.   Tree service providers can deal with the matters like soil pH and compaction. Unstable soil is related to soil pH where it is difficult for the trees to grow healthy. Similarly too much compaction can destroy the tree roots. The attempts to keep required level of soil pH are often entrusted to tree pruning silver spring md providers as it needs specialized skill and experience.

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