Tips to install a granite countertop yourself

As granite is an igneous rock which is hard and durable. Many people consider it as the most appropriate material for using as countertops. It has become the most suitable and popular material for making different types of counter tops.  Granite’s beauty and attractiveness is the main reason for its enormous popularity. They are used for countertops in kitchen, bathroom and any other rooms including bedrooms.  In olden days installation of countertops was considered as a major work which can be done by only established companies engaged in granite countertops installation. Now this has changed and many granite countertop installation companies are providing do it yourself kits with detailed procedure to be followed by anyone who wants to do it as a do it yourself procedure. So in this article, I am going to explain how a kitchen countertop can be installed by the house owner itself. Reading this article will improve the confidence in you and encourage you to buy a DIY kit for kitchen countertop.

Do it yourself procedure

After attaching the cabinets securely to the walls and to the floor and after anchoring them properly you can use some craft paper to take the correct measurement and shape of the quartz countertop rockville MD required for you cabinets.

Take care to add one to one and a half inch extra overhangs to the edges near the cabinets. Granite are available in a wide range of colors, shades and grains. So selecting a suitable color based on design factors like the color of the room, overall design style of the house etc.  can be done by the house owner itself. You can buy counter top from a local dealer or get it through online portal. Now you can cut plywood which has to be placed on top of the cabinet for supporting the weight of the granite. With the help of pilot holes keep the plywood in place and prevent it from cracking. Granite being very heavy there is possibility of cracking if handled carelessly.

Installing the sink

With the help of a drill or other suitable tools, create some pilot holes in the cabinet where the sink is proposed to be fitted. Now using appropriate tools make space in the plywood placed over the cabinet for fitting the sink and its accessories like water tap etc.  Now you can install the sink after ascertaining that they fit properly and securely.

Now the seams for the granite have to be leveled. Before gluing one has to make sure that the seams are absolutely leveled. Screws can be used beneath the plywood for adjusting the height. Blue masking tape has to be used over the seam. Polyester resins can be used to fill the seams and add little color matching to the color of the granite. Now pull out the masking tape so that the polyester mixture does not get dried on tape. After the color dries you can smoothen the counter top with the help of a seam stone till it becomes perfectly smooth.

Cleaning products used for cleaning the granite countertop has to be a mild one.  You have to avoid exposure to extreme temperature as it can damage the counter top.

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