What Are The Types Of Heavy Equipment Used In Construction

Various types of heavy equipment is used in construction projects which you can acquire through crane rental services. The size and scale of this equipment depends on the scale of the project.

Here are some of the heavy equipment used in construction.


Backhoe is used for many purposes in construction projects. Backhoe can be attached to the backside of your vehicle while the bucket remains on the front.

It can be used to excavate trenches which are below machine level. The attached front can still be used to load and transport different materials within short distances. So, having a backhoe used in your project can be quite useful, effective and time saving.


Bulldozers are also a type of crane that is used at project sites to remove the topsoil up to the specified depth. It has a heavy duty metal plate attached to its front that is used to force the topsoil away. There are also hydraulic systems that can be used to raise the metal plate whenever needed.

Bulldozers are usually utilized for the removal of weak topsoil.


As the name suggests, trenchers are used to excavate trenches in the ground. The general purpose of making these trenches is for laying down the pipelines and doing other management stuff. You can find the trenching machines to be either chained or wheeled form.

Both of the types are suitable for use under certain circumstances. However, wheeled trenching machines are usually better for excavating trenches in harder soil.

Tower Cranes

You would not want to rent a tower crane unless you have a tall building construction at hand. The cranes have a fixed height, and they are usually applied for hoisting services. These cranes can lift up really heavy weights to a really huge height if needed.

These cranes contain a mast and a jib. The combination of both these components makes it possible to operate this crane with great flexibility.


Compactors are also generally known as rollers. These construction vehicles are used to compact the laid down materials on the earth surface.

These rollers can adjust to meet different purposes. There are also two different types that you can choose from.

Feller Bunchers

Feller bunchers are simply some heavy duty tree cutting machines used in the construction industry. Their distinct function is that they can cut the tree and then hold it in place to keep it from falling down. This way, all of the cut trees can be gathered in one place from where you can pick them up easily.

Dumping Trucks

In the construction industry, dumping trucks can be used to move large quantities of heavy materials from one place to the other. Usually, large off-road dumping trucks are used in construction work.

Off-road trucks are preferred because they have huge wheels and plenty of empty space that can be filled with material to be transported. These dumping trucks can work in almost all types of roads and under any driving conditions.


Loader equipment is used to pick up the material from the ground and load that into a dumping truck that then carries the material away. The material can be of any shape or size. Loaders usually have a short movable arm, and a large bucket at the front that enables it to pick up the material.

Usually, loaders with wheels are used under normal conditions. However, if the loader cannot reach a certain place, then tracked loaders might be used.


Just like its name, pavers are used in construction works to lay down pavements. Dumping trucks are used to keep filling the pavers with asphalt. Once inside the paver, the asphalt is spread out on the surface seamlessly. It also provides a bit of compaction to the material being laid down.

After using a paver to lay down an asphalt pavement, you will need a roller to compact it. So, two other construction equipment must be used with the paver to reach the desired results.

These were some of the construction equipment used in the process of construction. Any construction would be incomplete without using a few of these cranes from crane rentals VA. So, be sure to choose the right ones.

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