What is the best time to shop for kitchen appliances?

When it comes to buying large kitchen appliances, there are a number of rules that you should keep in mind. But first and foremost, you should remember that there is a specific time in the year when you will get the best deal. In case you go to buy the equipment at another time, you are likely going to pay a higher amount. Similarly, the costs of commercial appliances repair also happens to fluctuate throughout the year. This usually depends on the concept of supply and demand. However, you should actively take a note of it in case you own a commercial kitchen or a restaurant.

Best time to buy new appliances

So, are you planning to buy new commercial appliances for your commercial kitchen? If yes, then you may be wondering what the best time is to buy the equipment.

However, worry not because in this article, we will cover everything that you should know about the right time of buying.

A big number of people use their existing appliances until a point that the equipment dies. This does ensure that the maximum level of usage is achieved. However, this also prevents a person from planning effectively about purchasing a new appliance.

Instead of that, it is much better to get an idea of when the appliances that you are using will go out of work. In this regard, you may get inspection of the equipment beforehand. Often at times, repair of this equipment will not be worth it and hence, you will be better off buying a new piece.

Do remember that companies do provide estimated lifetimes of the appliances that they sell. This way, you do already have a good indication of when the equipment that you are using is likely to fail. In this regard, remember to keep track of how much it is used.

In case your appliance is nearing its end, it will start to perform poorly. This means hat it will also be using up way too much energy now. For instance, if your fridge finds it hard to stay below a temperature of 40 degrees Fahrenheit, then it means that you are going to pay higher in electricity costs.

September and October

This is considered to be the best months to get commercial kitchen appliances. This is because during this time of the year, new models get unveiled by most companies. Hence the previous models immediately go on a discount. So, it is the perfect time.


This is an exception, as refrigerators should be bought in May. Most refrigerator companies will unveil their refrigerators in May rather than in September and October.


While January has better deals available, the selection during the months of January are really limited. So, chances are that you may not be getting the best price.

Holiday weekends

Apart from that, holiday weekends are also great times to be saving on the equipment by availing the various discounts offered in stores. However, just because there is sale on specific item, it does not mean that this particular item is the best or lowest deal around. In order to find the lowest deals, make sure that you are searching the entire market avidly in order to look for more discounts.

Ending note

Now, we have made it really obvious for you to know when it is the best time to buy commercial kitchen appliances for your business. Just remember that this is not where it ends. For instance, if you get a refrigerator, you will also have to get commercial refrigerators repairs Northern VA every once in a while. This is because commercial appliances tend to work really hard.

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