What Is Dimensional Hair Color? How It’s Done?

Hair dyeing is a stunning technique that adds instant beauty and change to your entire look. It’s also very interchangeable and you can choose from a plethora of coloring techniques options like balayage hair highlights, babylights, interior shadows, two-tone hair coloring, and others. Many of these techniques are used to add dimension to your hair. Here is everything you should know about dimensional hair color.

Dimensional Hair Color?

You might be wondering what it means to add “dimension” to your hair. Well, a dimensional hair color is the application of hair dye on the hair in different layers to bring out the colors more in certain lights and directions. Now, this layering and painting technique can be done by putting a single hair color over and over again, on your hair, or if you want to add some edge, different tones of the same color can also be used. The result will be hair that looks gorgeous in certain lights when it shines just right.

Dimensional hair color has been around for a long time. There are many techniques by which you can achieve the same drama in your tresses, through color. A tip that stylists will give someone, who’s going for a dimensional hair color, is to be realistic and go with a maximum of 3 colors.

This color range is going to give you the best results and the hair won’t look muddy at all. A lot of the time, women can get over-excited and they can choose a multitude of different colors and have them painted on their hair. This leads to hair that looks choppy and everything else, but dimensional.

How Is It Done?

You can add dimension to your hair through the following techniques:


Balayage is a very popular hair coloring technique and it involves the painting or streaking of hair color on different strands to give it peeks of drama and dimension.

Depending on the color you choose, a Balayage can go from nothing to something, pretty quickly and it can transform the look of your hair. Brown and blonde Balayage are pretty common as they are great ways of changing up the hair color without committing.


Ombre is the beautiful and seamless transition from one hair color to another and it’s a wonderful entry-level technique that’s going to leave heads turned. Transitioning from one hair color to another sounds pretty easy, but the technique is where all the magic lies, and one wrong stroke can lead to a botched hair dye job and your hair will be ruined.

This is why the best way to go about the ombre hair coloring technique is to go for a color that’s just 2 to 3 shades different from your natural hair color. In this way, the transition will be a lot more fluid and there will be no harsh lines indicating the change of color.


If you want to achieve a sun-kissed look that’s to die for, then babylights are going to be your best friend. Babylights are the opposite of highlights where the brighter or lighter color is accentuated on your base hair color.

It’s a very subtle technique, but the dimension it adds to the hair when the sun hits the streaks just right, is going to be mesmerizing and you’ll love the results. Babylights take about the same time as highlights, so that’s a huge plus too. It’s a great option to go for if you want to try out something new.

Foil Highlights

If you want the classic 1990s Jennifer Anniston hair with a lot of dimension, then foil highlights are the way to go. Highlights can be chunky or thin, as per your preference, but stylists will recommend going for subtle highlights that aren’t invisible but they’re also not too obvious to the point where they look harsh.

For highlights, going 1 to 3 shades lighter is going to give you that Hollywood hair and you’ll love the results. Just make sure that you’re choosing the foil technique because the results are much cleaner and crisp.

Ideas For Dimensional Hair Color

Now that you know the different hair color and highlights Rockville techniques by which you can elevate the drama and dimension in your hair, the next step is to make it look show-stopping. The name of the game is to choose the right color. This is where color theory will help you out a lot and you can choose complementing and contrasting colors that are going to make dimensional hair color a game changer.

If you have darker hair and want to add that element of dimension to your hair, then try to go a couple of shades lighter and go for a Balayage, lowlights, babylights, because these hairstyles are going to pop and your hair will be transformed for good.

On the contrary, if you have lighter hair color, going a couple of shades darker and selecting a tone that is a bit more cool, is going to elevate the dimension in your hair.

Taking Care Of Dimensional Hair Color

You have all of the bases covered on how to make your hair look more dramatic, but another thing is crucial to keep in mind and that’s the maintenance and care of the hair after the fact. Here are some tips that are going to save your hair color from fading quickly:

No Hair Wash

Firstly, you want to avoid washing your hair for a couple of days or even a week after the hair dye application. This is because the hair color might bleed into other strands and the results will look muddy.

On top of that, your hair color also might not last as long because you’re not allowing it to sit in your hair and develop. This is why not washing your hair is recommended for at least 3 to 4 days. Your hair won’t be greasy, because you’ve just washed it before the hair dye application.

No Heat Tools

Another thing that can lead to your hair color fading super-fast, is heat. You don’t want to expose your hair to heat tools too much, because all of the hard work is going to go down the drain. If you’re a fan of regularly styling your hair, then it’s time to tame the urge to do so.

Try heatless hairstyles and give your hair a breather. It’s not only going to be good for the longevity of your hair dye but also for the general health of your tresses.

No Harsh Products

Lastly, you want to avoid using harsh products and chemicals on your hair and stick to moisturizing and damage-restoring hair products. Hair dye is a chemical and over time, it can damage your hair and make it brittle and dry.

This is why you need to restore the moisture levels in your hair by nourishing it with deep conditioning masks, regular oiling, and using the right products. Products that are not only going to make your hair look vibrant, but also restore your hair health and strength.


Dimensional hair color adds a lot of depth and drama to your hair and it’s a wonderful technique to consider if you’re looking for something a bit unique. Once you decide, visit any of the hair salons specializing in color Rockville to get dimensional hair color.

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