What Is The Difference Between Honed And Polished Marble Countertops

Kitchen countertops come in a lot of finishes and marble countertops are no exception either. Here is everything you need to know about honed marble and polished marble countertops.

Honed Marble Countertops

The Finish

The main difference between honed and polished marble is the finish. Honed marble is sanded down to give a more matte non-shiny surface. It doesn’t have a glossy finish to it and it doesn’t reflect light either. It’s a great material because it’s rough on the top and it really helps to grip the things that are put on top of the surface.

The grip of honed marble is something out of this world and you will love the feel of it as you begin working on it. It also saves you from polishing it every now and then. If you like matte-looking countertops, then this is the one for you.

Is It Strong?

Honed marble is a stronger variant of the delicate stone. The general perception of marble is that it is quite a delicate stone. It can be scratched very easily and can chip from the sides. Honed marble is a little bit stronger than normal marble.

It is sanded down to give a more compact structure to the slab and it is found to be more durable and long-lasting than most variants of marble available for kitchen countertops. Because of its rough surface, it also prevents stains from occurring and it can also prevent scratches from getting too deep.

Is It Worth It?

Honed marble has a rough and matte texture to it. If this is something you love and want your kitchen to have a rustic appeal, then you can definitely go for it. A lot of people tend to prefer glossy and shiny countertops because it looks more refined and clean and they don’t like the matte finish honed marble gives.

So, at the end of the day, it’s up to you and what you prefer to have in your kitchen. Since this is not an inexpensive stone, you should choose the material and finish wisely.

Polished Marble Countertops

Finish Of The Countertop

Polished marble is just like how it sounds. It is a polished and shinier version of marble. This polish and shiny finish is achieved by polishing and waxing the surface of the stone and getting rid of the rough surface. This stone has a refined look to it and it is a great thing to have in your kitchen if you want to go for something a bit more shiny and clean.

If you’re not a fan of rustic kitchen style, then you can go for polished marble, as it has a beautiful luster to it and reflects light beautifully.

Tends To Be Slippery

One main disadvantage of polished marble is the fact that it doesn’t provide a lot of grip. If you add water and moisture to the equation, you will end up with a slippery countertop. These countertops are not great to install near the sink, because water tends to make the polished surface even more slippery.

The appliances and other things on the surface of the countertop can slip and slide and it’s not something you want. So, even though a polished surface looks more shiny and beautiful, it definitely comes with its set of cons that need to be considered before buying.


Polished marble is a durable material, but if you compare it with honed marble, then the latter has the upper hand. Polished marble tends to get scratched easily, as compared to honed marble. It is also more likely to stain, which is why polished marble needs to be sealed in order to make it waterproof.

Another downside to polished marble is that you will need to regularly polish it to maintain its shine and luster otherwise it will turn dull and the appearance won’t be the same. It’s safe to say that polished marble needs more maintenance than honed marble counters.


There you have it! Each finish of marble has its own pros and cons, so now it’s up to you to decide which one you want to go for when considering a countertop replacement NC for your kitchen.

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