What Safety Precautions Are Needed When Using A Chainsaw For Tree Cutting

A chainsaw is a powerful cutting machine that is mostly used by tree services to bring down big trees. As efficient and effective as these machines are, you cannot underestimate the risks they carry. This is why chainsaw safety is the first priority as it is your responsibility to keep yourself and others safe during the process. Let’s discuss!

General Chainsaw Safety Tips

The general safety tips surrounding the usage of chainsaw help prevent serious injuries. There have been many incidents in the past where people have suffered from permanent injuries simply because they either ignored or underestimated the dark side of using chainsaws.

This is why every manufacturer provides a user’s manual with their product for users to go through. Chainsaw machines may look the same but there are a lot of features that make them different at the same time. Therefore, before you grab a chainsaw, make sure that you go through the manual.

Furthermore, it is equally important that you understand your limits. If you are skeptical about the job, you should avoid experimenting with it. You are most likely to end up injured. At the same time, you should always wear safety equipment such as boots, goggles, gloves, etc. to keep the major body parts safe.

Moreover, if it is your first time, never perform the task alone using a chainsaw. Ask someone to stand by and watch so that if anything goes wrong or is about to go wrong, you can offer a helping hand. And never climb the tree with a chainsaw, use a pole saw if you need to cut some branches.

Tree Felling Safety Tips

Tree felling is the riskiest and most important part of the process, which you need to undertake with patience and care. The majority of the injuries related to tree accidents occur during tree felling. What makes this step dangerous is the unexpected direction in which the tree can fall.

That said, you should make sure you are wearing appropriate safety gear and clear the tree and the surrounding environment. In addition to that, you should have an escape route just before the tree is about to fall. You do not want to be in the same area or near the tree as it falls. The reason is that the branches and sharp edges can easily scratch or fall on you leading to serious injuries.

Limbing/Branch Cutting

Limbing or branch cutting is what most people get wrong. The direction in which the tree will fall solely depends on the cuts made using the chainsaw. As a general rule of thumb, you should start cutting branches from the bottom and work your way to the top.

Additionally, never stand on the tree and do not use the nose or tip of the chainsaw for limbing. And if you are cutting branches that have tension, you should first make shallow cuts to loosen the tension and then cut all the way through.

Bucking/Log Cutting

The next step is bucking or log cutting. This is where it again gets a bit risky and you would want to make sure you have your feet and hands covered. First, prop up the tree so that the chainsaw does not hit the ground while cutting. Keep your feet and legs away from the chainsaw and ensure you are properly balanced, keeping your footing secured.

On the other hand, do not cut the tree if it is placed in a dangerous position, and keep the chainsaw away from the ground, rocks, or other debris.

Maintain Your Chainsaw

And finally, it comes down to maintaining your chainsaw. Once you are done cutting the tree, inspect the machine and consult the user manual to become aware of the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding inspection, oiling, and overall maintenance. This goes a long way in terms of ensuring your machine remains reliable whenever you need to cut down a tree.

If not, visit a professional along with the machine and request a thorough inspection and maintenance. It will cost you money but you will at least be sure that the machine will carry relatively less risk of breaking down or injuring you while cutting a tree.

Final Word

That was all about chainsaw safety and tree felling safety. Make sure you follow them and keep updating yourself to always be on the safe side. To avoid accidents, consult tree removal companies Chevy Chase for tree felling.

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