What are the naturally existing weight loss materials?

Excess weight is a daunting problem faced by many people.  As overweight often develops a feeling of aversion among normal people and as it reduces the physical mobility and comfort of life, most obese persons are desperate and are frantic in their effort to lose weight. Numerous products have flooded the market claiming to be the magic medicine for weight loss.  Though most of them are useless, people are buying them in large quantities as evidenced by the sprouting up of new companies in this field. In this article I am going to explain some naturally occurring herbs and vegetables that can be considered as the best weight loss physician that can help an obese person in his task to lose weight fast.

Before that let me explain what are the real pillars on which a genuine center for weight management must concentrate.

Guiding principles

  • Reduce appetite: if the food you eat is capable of reducing your appetite it will be very good as you need not eat much, and yet feel satisfied. This helps the intake of lesser calories which is required in weight loss programs.
  • Reduce absorption: if the absorption of the unnecessary calories is avoided weight loss can be speed up. Nutrients like fat are good in reducing the absorption rate of calories. Fiber is a carb that is derived from plants that promotes digestive health. However, it differs from other carbs in that humans do not have the enzyme to digest it.
  • Increase burning: Exercises and workout help you to increase the rate of burning of fat in human body. So, regular workout can help you in losing the extra weight.

Extract of garcinia cambogia: After the featuring of this product by Dr.Oz in his show, this became very popular and started being considered as very good for weight loss.  The fruit contains hydroxycitric acid which is now marketed as diet pill by many companies. Studies conducted in animals have shown that it increases the level of serotonin helping to reduce appetite. A study conducted in the year 2011 showed that it helped to reduce an average of two pounds over a few weeks. There are no serious side effects except mild digestive problems.


It is a psychoactive substance found in green tea and dark chocolate.  It is well known for its ability to boost metabolism. Studies have shown that it can increase fat burning up to 30% and metabolism up to 11%. Studies have proven that it can cause weigh loss in humans in a modest pace.  Increased use of caffeine can cause irritability, insomnia and reduce the quality of the sleep. Tea and coffee are the best sources of caffeine and therefore there is no need to go for a supplement for this. Caffeine can increase metabolism, but body develops tolerance to caffeine at a faster rate.

Raspberry ketones

This is a substance found in raspberries that is giving it its special smell. Experiments have shown that it increases the breakdown of fat in rats.  Similarly it increases the production of adiponectin a hormone related to weight loss. It has not been studied on humans. But study on rats showed that it is helpful in reducing the weight gain.  It can be used as the best weight loss diet by doctor that is naturally existing .It can cause burps smelling like raspberries.

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