Gas Furnace Repair – What Are the Common Problems You Should Know?

While gas is talked about as a costly means of heat, the gas furnaces normally burn cleaner compared to oil furnaces, making them ideal for many homeowners as they don’t often need gas furnace repair. However, when problems occur with gas furnaces, they are easy to determine and are not labor intensive to fix. Some of the common problems that some owners face with gas furnaces are:

Furnace make Not Enough Heat

If the furnace is producing less heat, it might be due to the occluded blower. The blower belt might be loose or because the burner or filter is dirty. Such issues can also happen in unison. As with furnace that produces no heat, the furnace that produces not enough heat can be fixed at minimal cost on the same day. If the gas furnace repair technician said that the problem stems because of your furnace producing no heat, you can save money by having them repaired in one visit.

Furnace Produces No Heat

If the gas furnace doesn’t produce heat, chances are that it is experiencing some issues such as tripped circuit, closed control valve, blown fuse, non-working pilot light or faulty thermostat. While you might correct such problems yourself, it is best to contact a gas furnace repair service provider if you are not experienced with the gas furnaces.

Furnace Keeps Switching Off and On

If the furnace switches on and switches off before producing your preferred heat level, it suffers from one of the problems including a dirty filter, clogged blower or overly dry motor. If the problem is a clogged blower, the technician will replace the air filter and clean or reinsert permanent air filter. If the problem is due to overly dry motor, the technician will just lubricate the motor through placing oil in the oil ports. In every case, the cost of this repair may vary, but usually it’s not expensive as what you think.

Gas furnace repairs are not a DIY task. If you don’t want to experience more problems in the future, find the best HVAC contractors ronkonkoma who can fix your furnace issue. You can hire HVAC contractors in your local area or you can find one through browsing online. Most HVAC companies have their own website or profiles on various social media accounts.

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