Pros And Cons Of Eyelash Extension

Eyelashes are perhaps one of the most attractive features your face embodies. People dream of having the length of their eyelashes increased for a variety of reasons. This is why hair salons that do eyelash extensions are getting more clients these days.

Here’s all you need to familiarize yourself with before opting for eyelash extensions

Pros of Eyelash Extensions

Gives A Fairly Natural Look Which Is Not The Case With False Eyelashes

It is a myth that if you get a beauty treatment done, it is not going to look natural. This myth needs to be debunked as the truth stands contrary to it. Eyelash extension tends to give a consummately natural look, as a matter of fact. Your lashes would be grown to a reasonable extent and it would not have any awkward-looking side effects — This can be guaranteed.

Saves You Precious Minutes From Your Regular Makeup Routine

Whenever you apply makeup, you must be giving your eyes painstaking regard, right? Eyes are one of the most attention-seeking part of your makeup routine, without a shadow of doubt.

If you think, you need to work hard to make your eyelashes look longer and thicker almost every day, you must be tired of this time-consuming task, so to say. Imagine, if you have to go to an urgently-arranged meeting, and you do not reach on time simply because your regular makeup took 15-20 crucial minutes, how embarrassing it would really be. Eyelash extensions will save you a lot of precious time, and it will, most certainly, save you from slipping into such an embarrassing situation. Winks!

Saves You From Spending Money On Gallons Of Mascara

People usually say, eyelash extensions are going to be expensive, why to spend our hard-earned money on it. If such is your thinking, we would suggest you to hire an accountant, ask him to sum up your lifetime expenditure over mascara and contrast it with that of the eyelash extensions. You would be extremely astounded to know the difference.

Just kidding, no need to even think of an accountant for such a complex calculation. It was just a scenario made to help you see through it.

Customized Extensions Are Now At Your Doorstep

You can choose the length of your extensions as per your taste and preference. The same size is never imposed on all customers, either current or potential. You can take the liberty of determining the length and thickness of your eyelash extensions, and it is not a rarely-found thing nowadays.

Cons of Eyelash Extensions

You Have To Spend Some Good Money To Get Eyelash Extensions

Obviously, it is not worth a few pennies that you would carelessly spend on anything — literally anything. You got to save up to be able to afford eyelash extensions. Even if you are already deep-pocketed person, you need to have a heart to spend a huge sum of money over anything you purchase.

Expensive To Maintain

You would lose a huge chunk of your savings right after the treatment is done, and that’s not all. Your extensions would certainly require a diligent after-care. Long story short, you would not be allowed to turn the faucet off. You better be letting the money flow, as it would be requiring maintenance.

Bad weather can negatively affect your beautiful and extended eyelashes. A dusty wind or perhaps a heavy rain can send your lashes to rack and ruin. In a situation like these two, your eyelashes would need to be restored.

They Do Not Suit Every Face

Everyone has got a different nose and different cheekbones; not very face is suitable to embody long eyelashes. Let the suggestions of a couple of beauty experts come your way before you opt for the treatment.

Every face has a different texture and henceforth a different requirement for the length of eyelashes. It is absolutely okay to dream of the most enriched version of something, but overembellishment is only going to ruin things for you.

Take Bulk Of Time

The procedure itself takes a lot of time whether you do it yourself or visit an eyelash extension salon. You need to prepare yourself to sit in one place for many hours if you want your eyelash extensions done. You can obviously not think of hitting the sack for this long series of hours, it would be a silly idea, you only need to be persistent and hold onto your awakeness and consciousness during this time — which sounds tough from every angle.

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